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Discount Gardening Supplies – Tips On How To Find Them

Gardeners follow their passion, and gardening is a very rewarding pursuit. But gardening supplies like pots, seeds, tools, and equipment can put a big dent in any gardener’s budget. When you want to add a new garden to your yard or lot but don’t have the right equipment to realize that dream, knowing where to find gardening supplies at a discount can mean the pot at the end of the rainbow!

Finding discount gardening supplies – there’s the rub. Especially during the growing season, discounts may not even seem to be available to the avid gardener. You can find these discounts, but you have to plan ahead and know what you’re doing to find them.

What’s the best time to find discount gardening supplies?

Without a doubt, the best time to find discount gardening supplies is after the growing season has ended. Home and garden stores will be eager for you to buy their plants, tools, and supplies at a discount so that they can make room for the next season’s merchandise. One good way to add to your garden is to buy perennials near the end of the season. You’ll still have enough time for them to develop roots before winter, and they’ll come back soon the following spring with lots of healthy blossoms and fruits. When you want to get those discounts, don’t think about what you’ll see growing this year. Discount gardening supplies help you think ahead to the next growing season and save you a bundle!

Where can I find discount gardening supplies?

Retail home and garden stores, hardware stores, and nurseries in the area are one source of discount gardening supplies. But online retailers will also be cutting their prices at the end of the growing season to avoid costly inventory build-up. Shopping online lets you find tools, decorations, and supplies at tremendous savings for use next year. Not only can you save money on the products, you can save your own valuable travel time and the cost of gasoline by shopping for discount gardening supplies online.

Can I find In-Season Discounts?

Local nurseries may offer discounts when they’ve ordered large stocks of plants for big customers who don’t follow through. Or they may simply offer discounts for plants they’ve grown in large quantities to supply their outlets. Call around to find local nurseries’ and plant suppliers’ best deals. You can also find good discounts on specific types of plants and supplies by focusing on the areas where they’re abundant in the first place. For example, you may be able to get tropical plants at a discount by shopping at Florida outlets, either in person while you’re on vacation or online. Arizona nurseries may offer really good deals on cactus, yucca, and other succulents. You may get firs at a top value by visiting nurseries and growers in the Northwest.

What about Joining a Garden Club?

Becoming a member of your local garden club may be a rich source of discount and even free plants and garden supplies. First, club members are likely to have personal knowledge about where to get the best deals and discount gardening supplies. They may even organize shopping trips you can join to take advantage of the best sales.

Are Discount Warehouses and Stores a Good Idea?

While some wholesalers and discount retailers may be trying to unload unhealthy plants or faulty supplies through their outlets, you may be able to find some great discount gardening supplies through them. Stores that charge a membership fee are more likely to have quality products, and how much you shop will eventually determine how much you save.

When you’re planning a new garden, it’s a comfort to know you can find the discount gardening supplies you need. By planning well ahead and identifying the most likely times and locations to find discount gardening supplies, your efforts will not only be fun and productive, they’ll be affordable!

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