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Build a Rock Garden…it’s An Medium That Can Create Enjoyment for Years

Rock gardening is a great way for you to express your artistic side while using your gardening skills and an alternative medium as well.

There are plenty of creative choices for the rock garden enthusiast. The Japanese Zen garden is my favorite but you can be just as happy building the most common form, the basic rock garden.

Since Japanese Zen gardens are rockier and less plant-filled, if you’re going to put together a basic rock garden with more plants and flowers, there are some things that you should think about.

If you’re working in an area that is already quite rocky it will be much easier to start your garden. However, you’ll still need to plan well to make the picturesque garden you desire.

Starting at the most troublesome spot (every garden has one!) is a way to relieve long run frustration. Build or use an existing slope where there’s plenty of sunshine.

Obviously the easiest rocks to use are the ones already in your garden or around your house. However, don’t worry…most gardening supply store have plenty that you can purchase.

For aesthetic purposes, your plants and rocks should follow a color scheme. Make sure that the design has a natural look and feel to it. And when choosing your plants, use ones that won’t need lots of water since the water will drain through the rocks.

Once you’ve picked your rocks and plants the plant spacing, elevation, slope, and design should reflect your artistic traits.

It should only take a day or two to build the rock garden of your dreams. And days, months, or years for you to enjoy it!

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How to Choose Right Garden Tool for Gardening Enjoyment?

If you love gardening and would like to have a passion for it, you need to select the right garden tools. Once you choose garden tools that provide optimum performance, you will start enjoying it. There are lots of garden tools that are used for gardening, however we will discuss here most common equipments.

The most common garden tools are pruners, shovels, rakes and hoes and these are of different types and once you choose the right garden tool, you will start enjoying your gardening job.

Choosing right pruner for gardening enjoyment:

· Pruners are among the most common garden tools and these are of two types. The main difference between the two is that garden pruner acts like a scissor, while anvil pruner acts like knife.

· So, depending on your choice, you can either select bypass or anvil pruner.

Choosing right shovel for gardening enjoyment:

· Generally shovels are of many types. Four types of shovels are commonly used for gardening and these are round point shovel, scoop shovel, garden shovel and irrigation shovel.

· Round point shovel is designed for people having higher muscular strength, however garden shovel is lightweight and therefore you should select the right shovel as per your requirement or your physique.

· Scoop shovel is used for lifting and transferring very lightweight materials and irrigation shovel is used for filling holes or ditches.

Choosing right rake for gardening enjoyment:

· Rakes are used for raking work and generally three types of rakes are used for gardening.

· Both the bow rakes and level head rakes are similar, however bow rakes are heavier and therefore require high force in comparison to level head rakes.

· Level head rakes are lightweight and these are designed for teenagers and women.

· Lawn rake is also commonly used for gardening purposes, however these are no more common.

Choosing right hoe for gardening enjoyment:

· Hoes are most common garden tools and these are of two types garden and scuffle hoes.

· Garden hoes cut the weeds, however scuffle hoes chops and therefore depending on your working style, you can select either.

So, these are some of the garden tools commonly used by each one of us, however we should ensure that we choose the right garden tool so that we can enjoy gardening

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