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Maintaining Garden Tools for Extended Use:

Garden tools are specific equipments required by all of us for our day-to-day gardening job and we generally spend heavy amounts on purchasing various garden tools and therefore we need to maintain these equipments in a professional way. We often forget to remove these equipments from our garden for long time after gardening and the garden environment such as moisture, soil, and fertilizers damages these garden tools rapidly. Being a professional gardener should be the aim of each one of us and we should practice some of the common maintenance tips as mentioned below.

Quickly remove, clean garden tool from garden after work:

We should quickly remove the garden tools from our garden after the gardening work.

If these remains in our garden for long time, these might hurt children as most of the equipments have sharp edges and children while playing or walking in the garden can get hurt.
We should wash the soil and other dust or dirt from the garden tool.

Store the garden tool at safer place:

Once the garden tool is cleaned, it should be stored at a safer and dry place.

We should also ensure that it is stored at a place, which is out of reach of children so that children don’t pickup it for playing otherwise they will get hurt.

Protect garden tool from rust for extended use:

Rust is very common in iron made garden tools and we must protect garden tool from rust.

Rust is the eating up of iron metal in the presence of oxygen and water and although it starts from a point, it spreads whole of metallic parts quickly and therefore damages our garden tools.

So, for protecting rust on metal parts, a coat of primer and paint is essential. Well-protected equipment will have much longer life.

Protecting wooden part of the garden tool:

We need to protect the wooden part of the garden tool as well and for its protection, we should apply varnish on it at regular intervals.

These are some of the common maintenance tips to extend the life of garden tool, however you should ensure that the edges of the tools are sharpened so that you feel comfortable while gardening. Well-maintained garden tools will have extended life and at the same time you will enjoy frustration free gardening.

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