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Knowing The Choices In The Los Angeles Landscape

For many decades the innovation and beauty of the Los Angeles landscape has captivated the world. It is at the forefront of design just as New York is with fashion and San Francisco is in the culinary world. It is California’s largest city and the second largest in the United States.

Outdoor living is very popular in the Los Angeles area as well as throughout California in general. The weather lends itself well to being appreciated out of doors many days per year. This trend has opened up the need for outdoor kitchens as well as outdoor living rooms.

Water is the most important element of the landscape plan here. Whether you are working with an abundance of it or wanting to conserve it, water will always play a role in the design. Swimming pools are beloved backyard staples here, however, what’s new is they are increasingly filled with salt water for their sustainability and health benefits.

Ponds with or without koi are very common in this area. Enough can’t be said about the amount and importance of fountains. They are in the yards, at the malls and on street corners and intersections. Waterfalls are also well loved for their calming sounds and oneness with nature they allow.

The gardens of Los Angeles are bright, colorful and tropical. Beauty flowering plants and trees can be seen where ever you look. Very popular plants are dahlia, fuchsia, and tropical palms and plants. Terraces are a common feature in the garden with sitting areas suitable for reading.

Water conservation and drought conditions are major considering factors here due to the climate. In return, drought resistant gardens and landscapes have become a staple that will not be going away anytime soon. There are well used plants for these conditions that add beauty such as deer grass and lilac verbena.

Rock gardens are also very common due to the climate. They can be as small as pebbles or as large as boulders that need special equipment to bring into the yard. They are easy to maintain and they obviously would be a very water conscious choice.

A final feature you will not want to miss is the openness of the spaces with the ability to retract entire ceilings and walls when the weather is nice. That is truly bringing the indoors out in a functional and literal sense. Nothing says the great outdoors then opening the wall with a touch of a button and being a part of it.

The Los Angeles Landscape is home to quite a variety of fashionable trends. There can be some inspiration here that anyone can imitate where ever they live and get a sense of the L. A. Spirit. See what works for you and give it a try.

When you have a climate that encourages outdoor living spaces, landscape design is particularly important to homeowners. Los Angeles landscape professionals have the experience and expertise to make your lawn and patio attractive and functional.

Selecting the Right Water Feature for your Garden

Selecting the Right Water Feature for Your Garden

When contemplating a water feature for your garden it is
important to reflect on the style of your landscaping and draw
from this to select the right style of water feature to suit the
surroundings. The wrong choice could result in your water
feature looking out of place. Consider a contemporary minimalist
garden with a Whisky Barrel Kit as the water feature!

Below we have prepared a list of common garden styles and some
suggestions for incorporating water features into these gardens.
This list is by no means exhaustive. Also, take into account
that many gardens are a fusion of two or three garden styles.

Contemporary Garden

This style of garden is usually characterised by attention to
detail such as the use of a single specimen plant. Simplicity,
form and the clever use of light and space are fundamental to
this style. Colours are used minimally to produce dramatic

Suitable Water Features Stainless Steel Features Water Walls
Clad (with Contemporary materials) Canals and Rills (made from
Contemporary materials) Reflection Pools Architectural Granite
Features (Aquifer Columns or spheres)

Cottage Garden

Arguably the most enduring of all garden styles, this garden is
characterised by mass planting of colourful flowers and herbs in
well designed garden beds. Although the plant design is
carefully structured it is designed to look natural and
free-flowing. This style often incorporates places of interest
to visit such as bench seats, arbours, and gazebos.

Suitable Water Features Bird Baths Wishing Wells Natural Ponds
Statuary Features Formal Ponds Fountains

Formal Garden

A formal look in a landscape is typically achieved by placing
plants to conform strictly to a geometric design theme. This
style relies on the use of symmetry to draw the eye to focal
points such as water features or sculpture. The use of hedging
plants and topiaries is essential to achieve the formal look.

Suitable Water Features Stone Fountains Bird Baths Reflection
Pools Spilling Urns / Pots Fountain Sprayers Geometric Ponds

Tuscan Garden

The rustic Italian garden seems to assimilate very well into the
Australian landscape. Aged, muted colors intrinsic to Italian
gardens are echoed in our landscape. A focus on Al Fresco dining
and entertaining is essential to this style. Planting is often
semi-formal – formal and includes topiaries and hedges.

Suitable Water Features Spilling Urns Wall Fountains Stone
Fountains Classical Statuary Tiled/Stone Water Walls Wall

Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden has its emphasis in simplicity, control and
thoughtful design. This garden must incorporate the careful use
water as a focal point. Well placed, gracefully formed plants
such as bamboos, grasses and flowering shrubs provide balance
which is essential to this style. These gardens also use stone
and sand to imitate the natural landscape. The Japanese garden
is the ultimate meditation and relaxation. Suitable Water
Features Deer Scarer (Shi Shi Odoshi) Japanese Spill Basin
(Tsukabi) Large Containers with Fish and Water Lilies Rock
Geysers Fish Ponds Natural Ponds with Rock Waterfalls and

Xeriscape Garden

Xeriscape is a term derived from the Greek word ‘xeros’ meaning
dry and from the word landscape, to form a new term for water
conserving gardens. This style is increasing in popularity due
to our dry climate. This garden often features both native and
exotic species and is landscaped to minimise water use and to
channel water to plants that have a higher requirement.
Xeriscaping often draws from Cottage and Contemporary styles.

Suitable Water Features Dry Creek Bed Mill Stone Features
(re-circulating) Rock Geyser (re-circulating) Granite Features
Natural Ponds (to provide an oasis for wildlife)

Tropical Gardens

The tropical garden is one for the plant lovers, these gardens
are gaining in popularity due to the range of plant species now
available to Australian gardeners. Tropical plants, densely
planted, look their best in summer when we typically use our
gardens. Characterised by the use of bold, lush and colourful
foliage with spectacular flowers. This style provides a cooling
oasis in the warmer months.

Suitable Water Features Natural Ponds Waterfalls Creeks /
Streams Reflection Ponds Spilling Pots/Urns Contemporary
Statuary Water Walls

Australian Native Garden

This style of garden draws on the unique characteristics of
Australian materials and the natural colours of Australia. Often
rustic in style, the use of timber, stone and corrugated iron
can be incorporated into the Australian garden. Modern
Australian native plantings are often designed similar to a
traditional cottage garden with the focus on the colour palette.

Suitable Water Features Whisky/Wine Barrels Wishing Wells Mill
Stone Features Cobbled Creeks Natural Ponds Concrete
Sinks/Troughs Rock Geysers