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Hydroponic Indoor Garden

Have you ever thought about making your own hydroponic indoor garden? The benefits over traditional soil based gardening are numerous.

The following are advantages of hydroponic indoor gardening:

1. You will not need to purchase any pesticides! The majority of garden pests thrive in the soil, as you won’t be using soil, there is nowhere for the pests to go!

2. After the initial set up costs, costs are around 20% lower with hydroponic indoor gardens!

3. You can grow more plants in a smaller space hydroponically as opposed to soil based gardening! This is true even though your plants will in fact grow larger, the roots will be smaller as they don’t need to spread out to find nutrients.

4. Maintenance time is greatly reduced! There is no watering as they already have all the water they need, weeding doesn’t exist in indoor hydroponic gardens either. In fact all you need to do is pick the fruit or vegetables as and when required.

5. The yield is year long and permanent. This is because you have manipulated the growing conditions to be optimum all the time. As soon as it’s off season, you can sell the produce for higher prices.

6. You can grow them anywhere; window ledge, rooftop, cellar, attic, garden, greenhouse, garage or bedroom.

7. Hydroponic plants grow on average 40% larger than their soil based brothers. This is because you have given them their ideal growing conditions and constant access to all the nutrients they need.

8. The main problem for novice gardeners is under or over watering which can kill plants. This problem is eliminated with hydroponic gardens as you don’t need to water them!

9. For the reasons already listed above, hydroponic plants grow up to 50% faster than other methods of gardening! This has obvious advantages if you’re feeding a large family or are planning on making some money out of it!


Acting Naturally: Natural Plant Pest Control

A lot of people enjoy the outdoors. As part of their enjoyment they relish in their care of the plant life. For example, many individuals care for rose bushes. This is generally accomplished by watering the rose bush, providing the proper nutrients, pruning the bush, etc.

However, a person’s efforts can be negated if they have to deal with garden pests. Some of those pests can be snails, beetles, aphids, mites, etc. Generally, these pests are destructive and can ruin a beautifully maintained garden.

Therefore, it is important that the gardener control these pests that can devastate the garden and frustrate the hard work of the gardener. Specifically, the two types of control that can be implemented are through the use of chemicals and a natural plant pest control method.

Use Of Pesticides

First of all, before discussing the benefits and techniques of using natural plant pest control, it is important to understand the potential effects when using pesticides or non- natural plant pest control. Often, the use of pesticides can have a detrimental effect on not only the environment and members of the household, but can have an adverse effect on insects that are beneficial to maintaining a healthy garden.

Specifically when an individual uses pesticides they need to make sure that the chemical agents used to formulate the pesticide are nontoxic for family members as well as pets in the home. In addition, it is important that these pesticides are utilized exactly as the directions on the package indicate.

Also, it is important that if one uses toxic pesticides that these products are stored appropriately so that they do not fall into the hands of curious children within the home.

Finally it is imperative that the pest control that is selected is not toxic to the environment. This is a critical factor to consider so that the environment is kept safe and its use does not contribute to the destruction of the ecosystem.

Use Of Natural Plant Pest Controls

Therefore, when considering natural pest control or natural lawn pest control methods it is always best to use natural products. The obvious benefit of using natural plant pest controls is the safety factor. This safety factor not only extends to the environment and safety provided for members of the household, but also does not jeopardize the well being of insects that are not a threat to one’s garden or lawn.

Specifically, many natural plant pest control tips can be obtained from a variety of resources. Some of those resources can be through the books in the library or by using the Internet.

Examples of natural plant pest control methods can include the placing of basil near tomato plants. This will help to repel flies and worms. Another tip is to plant certain vegetables near other vegetables. For example if one was to plant onions near carrots and beets this would help to repel certain types of beetles and flies from these vegetables.

One other tip that is beneficial in keeping aphids away is by spraying soapy water on plants. This helps to keep aphids and spiders away from those specific plants.

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