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Great Garden Maintenance Tips For Your Sheds Ponds And Patios

The garden is considered to be the most beautiful and peaceful area of our home. A newly created garden simply looks amazing. However, neglect it, and the garden starts losing its beauty, since it is not duly maintained for a long time.

Patios, ponds and sheds become nothing but a dumping ground, eventually destroying the look of your garden. You may make excuses about having to maintain a busy schedule and therefore find it difficult to maintain the shed, pond and patio.

However, a little care adopted regularly will not require much of your time and you could keep your garden clean and sparkling.

Here are a few tips to maintain your sheds, ponds and patios.


A garden shed should only be used to store your gardening equipments and fodder. Keep few things inside your garden shade, which will make it easy to maintain it. Sweep and dust it every three to four days a week for just about 10 minutes. You could also keep a small cabinet inside the shed to place your garden equipment properly. All the equipment should be well arranged, so that it does not look like a dumping place.


Ponds require regular cleaning and one simply cannot neglect it. Not taking care of it would only steal its beauty. When it comes to maintain the pond, you need to take care to clean the filter, remove weeds, get rid of algae and secure the fishes and maintain the right PH levels. If you have plenty of trees around the pond, you need to keep removing the dry leaves every now and then. Always keep the pond free of debris, as accumulated dirt can give rise to algae and invite other problems. To maintain your pond, you should plan to build it away from the trees. To keep fishes alive, you need to clean the waters of the pond regularly and use safe algae treatment to avoid further growth of algae. If you have some aquatic plants, trim them on a timely basis and take care, that they are not infected.


Patio is one of the most well structured over roof cover located in any garden to hangout and take cover. A well-designed patio can simply make your garden look astonishing. You can choose to place lovely plants or flowers on the patio. It is important to clean and maintain the patio from time to time. A wooden or stone patio will require maintenance accordingly. Stone patio can attract growth of algae and thus you need to apply treatment to stop their growth. For a wooden patio, you need to apply preservatives to keep insects away. The wooden floor may also tend to get slippery and you need to maintain it. Clean the stone patio regularly to get rid of the moss and weeds.

Following these tips will help you to maintain sheds, ponds and patios and keep them clean. Get into the habit to clean them regularly and that would save your time and energy to clean it later. Wash your ponds and patios once in a month and make sure you use chemicals to keep insects away. Taking a bit care now, will keep your garden clean and look beautiful and stunning.