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Sash Windows In Europe: Place Of Origin

Leafing through the pages of history to establish the exact origins of sash windows would lead to debatable conclusions. That the British people lay claim to be its originator is also a debatable topic as there is no solid proof of this. But, there are traces of sash windows found first in France through the eyes of history. Given this circumstance one could not be very wrong in stating that sash windows in Europe started with France, and that it is also the place where the first evidence of sash windows can be found in the annals of history.

It was glazed windows that sash windows in Europe used at this time. By the end of the sixteenth century it was transformed into horizontal sash windows. The next century bore witness to the vertical sash window also. Mechanization of the sash window took place thereafter and was natural to occur, given the progression of mechanization that took place in the world during the period.

With colonization going on, the British soldiers were marching in and out of most nations across the world. During their march out of a nation they carried along with them much of the nation’s art and architecture too. Sash window was also one of these treasures that the British carried to their soil when they walked from France back to England.

Sash windows entered Britain along with the British soldiers when they left France. Handpicked artisans were taken by the Queen during her march back to England.

It is there in England that one finds the existence of the first completed project of a vertical sliding sash window. With this as proof the British lay claim to be the pioneer for sash window and even its present modernization which consists of counter balance additions.

The origins of sash windows in Europe can be well contested due to the ample number of proof that exists of it there in history. It is, however, also a fact that this form of window provides the house a historical touch, even if it is installed on a modern building.

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Describing The Methods Employed By Commercial Window Cleaning Companies

Rope access, cradles and the water fed pole system are the methods employed by commercial window cleaning companies. A professional company can utilize these different cleaning methods. These cleaning techniques are well-known and considered standard in the industry. The company decides the best cleaning method for each job based on the size of the building and the method that will be most effective due to the work site conditions.

The water fed pole is one of the safest and cost effective cleaning techniques. This method is usually used to clean commercial buildings no more than four stories high. The system is not as dangerous or risky as the rope access or cradles method because the windows can be cleaned from the ground.

Tap water from the building is poured into a tank that will cleanse the water of any chemicals and minerals. Removing those items from the water will eliminate the appearance of streaks on the windows once they have been cleaned. After the water is purified in the tank, it travels through an extension pole connected to a brush. There is a hose that provides soap for the brush. This method is cheaper than rope access or cradles and is also less time consuming.

The rope access technique can be very dangerous. This method should not be used if there is a safer and effective way to clean the windows on a commercial building. Rope access is used for high rise buildings. The rope access technician should be trained and competent to handle the job. The technician should check all of the equipment to ensure it all works properly. The technician should set up precautions to make sure any third parties will not be injured during the process. The technician needs to check his surroundings for any potential hazards.

The worker is suspended in the air on the ropes with at least two attachments anchoring him. He cleans the windows while he is suspended on the rope. The tools are on the worker’s harness and the larger tools are attached to an additional rope. For safety reasons, two workers are required to perform this type of job. While one worker is cleaning the windows, the second worker is supervising the work. The second worker is on-hand to assist his co-worker if there is an emergency.

Cradles are another dangerous way to clean windows for high rise buildings. The worker uses a safety harness while standing on a platform as he cleans the windows. The worker should check all of his equipment and the controls on the platform before he begins cleaning. The worker needs to make sure the cradle can safely handle his weight and the tools. This cleaning method should be avoided during adverse weather conditions. Bad weather will pose an additional threat to the worker and any pedestrians.

The methods employed by commercial window cleaning companies are varied. A professional window cleaning company will be able to inform the client of the method that will be most useful for cleaning the building after a consultation or assessment. Any person using a professional window cleaner should confirm the company is licensed and properly insured.

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