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Bonsai Is A Good Hobby

Bonsai is a kind of genetically small tree that originated from china and spread to Japan and Korea. It is kept small by continuous pruning the roots and regular reporting.

The trees are grown in containers on a principle that it should give a picture of heaven and earth in appearance from one container. A good bonsai tree should have the three forces of truth, beauty and essence. The aim here is to make the tree look natural and at the same time it must not show any signs of human intervention. It is because of this aesthetic sense that made bonsai very popular and appealing that made many people to start growing bonsai as a good business venture.

Bonsai tree is now grown by many people and is on high demand not only to the fact that is a good hobby but also an interesting and unique thing to decorate your house from the sitting room to the kitchen. You can choose from the many varieties available depending on the flower type contained in an ornate ceramic pot that suits your home or office accent. People have now considered going for bonsai as a great gift idea and now sold as gifts in the shops. It is considered sweet and romantic present you can ever give someone during birthdays and anniversaries due to its age aspect and time. Giving someone a bonsai tree that equals to his/her age or the occasion being celebrated is truly a very unique and thoughtful way of commemorating an event.

Bonsai growing is a hobby in that it is said to provide a therapeutic relief from a known idiosyncratic illness. It helps anxiety and it’s known to be having a holistic medical effect in reducing stress and relieving pain. It sooth muscles that are tense and makes one relax the mood while giving the overall sense of well being thus improving self esteem. Artists however use bonsai tree to showcase their talents in the industry through contests and exhibitions of best bonsai trees.

One good thing about bonsai tree is that it is a wonderful hobby that can be put on practice all year round whether tropical, indoors or conifers there is always plenty you can do. How often the tree is repotted and the roots pruned depends on the age of the tree, younger trees may be repotted once in every year while the older ones may take every three to four years. It’s done during summer periods prior to the new buds opening.

The overall bonsai is a great interest, hobby and even a profession that one can undertake. It requires time and patience to maintain the tree, it is sensitive to changing environments and needs constant attention all the time. You need to ensure it is healthy and beautiful this perhaps explain the reason why busy people who have lots of work and social schedule are discouraged from keeping this kind of tree. For those people who have a habit of watching TV as a way of passing time, growing bonsai will be a good thing than watching you will keep yourself busy by attending to it. It is really a more relaxing and challenging way. Before deciding to grow bonsai, you need to do a lot of study very careful until you are comfortable that you can take good care of the tree. You will also need to choose a nice pot for aesthetic reasons, choose the one that blends the overall design and ambience of your home. Size of the pot will determine the size and growth of your tree.


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Everything You Should Know About Building Earthworm Farms As A Hobby

What Are The Benefits Of Earthworm Farms

Earthworm farms have lots of benefits. Each year, households dispose of hundreds or even thousands of lbs. of waste. This waste ends up in local where it decays and attracts unwanted guests. Home composting is the best thing someone can do to help the environment from their own backyard. You can do something to change this, just by having earthworm farms. Instead of throwing your garbage in the local dump, you can add your organic waste to your vermicompost bin where it will decompose organically and naturally, thanks to your earthworms. This immensely reduces your impact on the environment.

A huge benefit to having earthworm farms is the natural product of home composting…compost! Compost is super fertile, nutrient-rich soil that can be used all over your lawn. Compost is the best natural fertilizer and it will ensure your plants grow larger than ever.

What about worm farming for profit? Worm farming for profit is a big and fast growing industry. There is a ton to learn about worm farming for profit, so check it out!

What Do I Need To Know When It Comes To Worm Farm Setting Up?

There are just a few simple things you should know about worm farm setting up. You need to know how to build your vermicomposting bins, where to locate your home composting system, and finally how to maintain your earthworm farms.

Building a compost bin is the simplest part to home composting. The most basic form of a vermicompost bin doesn’t have to be anything more high tech than a plastic box. Fill this with organic bedding, such as grass clippings and add your earthworms!

What Is The Best Location For My Earthworm Farms

The best location for your earthworm farms…well it varies. Worms survive best between 40 to 80 degrees F. Depending on what kind of climate you live in, this may require you to carry your vermicompost bin indoors during the colder months, or even during the hot seasons. Vermicompost bins need to remain damp, so a shady spot is preferred in order to prevent any evaporation.

It might also be best to keep your home composting system indoors to protect your earthworms from natural predators such as foxes. This is an entirely different conversation, but you should know that it’s a dangerous world out there if you’re an earthworm!

Finally…How Should You Maintain Earthworm Farms?

This is a generally simple process too. Every two months you will have to remove your new compost and replace it with new bedding. You should be careful of your worms when harvesting the compost from the remaining bedding and your worms.

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