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3 Great Reasons For Installing Retractable Garage Screens

As spring and summer slowly approach, this is the time to begin pondering those spring projects you’d like to complete round the home. Now could be the perfect time to begin planning for a variety of reasons. First, because summer is still a couple of months off, early planning permits you to figure out just what you need to do, and where to get the best supplies at the best prices. And second, tax season is just around the corner, meaning tax return money that can be used for getting those supplies bought early.

Reason 1: spring weather. While spring brings hotter temperatures and blooming plants, the weather can still be a bit unpredictable. But after being stuck inside for a quarter or longer, you most likely have cabin fever and need to get out of the house and into the fresh air! So the perfect solution for unbalanced spring weather and cabin fever is to spend some time in the garage, where you are protected from the spring elements but still getting that Vitamin C. Available to fit any size garage opening, retractable garage screens let the air and light in, while keeping the bugs dust out.

Reason 2: Getting the automobiles prepared for summer cruising. For so many people who love cars, the arriving of hotter weather signals that it’s time to get the cars cleaned and prepared to cruise. And whether or not that cruising takes you cross country on Route 66, or merely downtown to show off the old hot rod, it’s nice to be in a position to have a dry, clean place to get your cars prepared. Retractable garage screens let you turn your garage from merely a parking bay, to an airy, open place just perfect for busting out the Armour All and shop vac.

Reason 3: Spring cleaning. A tradition as old as mom’s being bored with the junk that accumulates over the winter, spring cleaning is always right round the corner when the weather heats up. And whether the garage is part of your deep cleaning list, or the area where things are going to be moved to, it needs cleaned out. But who would like to be stuck within anymore than they have to? With retractable garage screens, you can still tackle the years of flotsam that have piled up in the garage, while still feeling the spring sunshine and unpolluted air.


So there you have it, the top 3 reasons why adding a retractable garage screen to your garage opening should be at the very top of your spring must-do list. Whether you are compromising with cranky weather patterns, getting your sweet ride prepared for summer trips, or spring cleaning, retractable garage screens are the most effective way to do all three, while still enjoying the warmer temperatures.

And who knows? Perhaps you’ll get a new use for the garage when your new retractable screen gives you the best of both worlds – the outside and the indoors.

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Retractable Screens Are Part Of Many American Houses

Retractable screens are becoming more and more popular in this day and age. They’re providing expanded space, privacy, protection from insects, bugs and rodents, secure shade and clean ventilation all while being able to enjoy the scenery and outside. You can install them on windows, all kinds of doors ( including french doors and patio doors )

Retractable screens are windows or doors that are made to act as a barrier between you and dirt, insects and pests and the sun so you are better able to enjoy your surroundings whether or not you are on your patio or in your garage. They’re made from a sort of flexible fiberglass mesh that covers the allotted area. With the best, custom made retractable screens out there, you can simply use an automatic system to have the screens retract into their specifically designed casing. This is especially opted for more today as they are less likely to get fingers caught in the surrounding like manual systems, and with the pro installation, it is much more likely to last a life-time.


There are many different types of retractable screens you can buy, from do it yourself kits to having them professionally installed. Retractable garage screens are very popular today, especially among the ‘handy men’. They’re highly convenient and flexible. They supply shade during the hours of the day that the sun streams in when working in there, they supply protection from mud, insects and rodents that would tend to creep in interested in work lights and smells. And best of all it provides clean ventilation in the garage without having the door open’ to pests and insects.

Retractable garage screens are becoming more and popular with families that work, entertain, play and relax in their garage. A garage is more than only a space for storing for automobiles nowadays, it’s a workspace, storage facility, play area or hang out’ room. Having this retractable screen can make all the difference.

Retractable screens are convenient , flexible, safe and they supply protection and clean ventilation without having the door open to monsters, but still having the ability to enjoy the environment. These retractable garage screens are becoming apart of the common American home and are becoming hot with families.

Prices alter for quality but getting a professional to install an automated retractable screen is unquestionably worthwhile. It will last a life-time and will pay itself off repeatedly again.