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Multi-Function Laser Printers – The Speedy Workhorse

For the busy home office or small business, multifunction laser printers are definitely the answer. Not only do they save on space, replacing most of your other office machines, like the fax, copier, printer and scanner. They save on costs as well.

Multifunction Laser printers do so much more than the single machines could do, with color scanning, faxing at faster speeds, and printing faster; color copying and duplexing (two sided copying). Most are network ready. They are able to print from external devices like USB inputs, and instead of having to replace four different toners and cartridges, you now only have one to replace. They have large paper trays holding up to 250 sheets, and automatic document feeders for 50 sheets. Some of the multifunction laser printers give an output of up to 50,000 sheets. The fastest print speeds on most are 30 pages per minute, and the slowest is 27 pages per minute.

Multifunction laser printers come in with plenty of features for every need and there is the option of choosing a more cost effective model if you do not need the fax or color feature in a laser printer. Some models like the Samsung are quieter than others but each manufacturer’s multifunction laser printer has its own special capabilities.

When choosing a multifunction laser printer, you have an option too of choosing one that has color copying functions, which is pricier than the ones needed for just text documents. The monochromatic text only laser printers have better text quality and print faster, and the cartridges obviously last longer than the color option multifunction laser printer.

Some multifunction laser printer options are:

If you do not need color printing, the monochrome Brother MFC produces 10,000 pages per month. This is a multifunction laser printer with fax, flatbed scanner and copier. This MFP has wired/wireless networking capabilities, USB, and a good yield toner replacement cartridge available. This MFP ‘s toner is a cost effective price.. It has a rated score of 9 out of 10 by PC Pro. There are two models of this printer, one comes without a fax.

Lexmark X264dn This multifunction laser printer, faxes and scans color documents, and has fast print speeds of 30 ppm. It is network ready. This multifunction laser printer can scan direct to email, saving on paper. Capable of doing 50,000 pages a month. It has a 50 page automatic document feeder.

Rated among the best in the multifunction laser printer range is the HP Photosmart Premium Fax. This laser has all the features with excellent performance. It comes with wi-fi for network, and an Ethernet connector. It has external print capabilities via a flash drive or Bluetooth and the document tray holds 125 sheets with the automatic document feeder holding 50. The special feature of this multifunction laser printer is that it can print on special CD’s and DVD’s. It is a little slow while duplexing, graphics and text are good, and it is energy efficient.

Samsung’s make of multifunction laser printers is a quiet model and is network ready. Holding 250 sheets in the paper tray and 50 in the document feeder, it has fast printing and copying speeds, with flatbed scanning, and a USB input socket.

You can find a whole lot more concerning the laser mfp in the lasermfp.net website or you can also find portable small printers on smallprinters.org.

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Find The Best All In One Printer At The Best Price

Inexpensive all-in-one printers are more prevalent on the market now, which offers a wider choice for consumers. Just like other advances in technology, prices have decreased as they’ve been on the market for a longer amount of time.

You can easily locate a machine that meets your needs by taking a look at the various reviews and critiques that have been written about the brands and models that you are interested in. Many good deals are available from manufacturers or sellers online and it is possible to find a printer that performs multiple functions for $100 or less.

Reviews are a good way to narrow down your search to those models that will perform the functions you want. Quality and functionality of multi-function printers varies widely among the models currently available. The price of a unit is not always an accurate indication of its performance and durability. Workable options might cost you $75 while spending another $25 on a different model might bring you a much better machine.

Canon Pixma photo printers have received consistent high marks for quality and functionality among the lower priced brand names. The basic printer set may be priced at less than $100 but still be highly rated in customer satisfaction. Many models feature color LCD screens, wireless capabilities, and compact size for greater portability.

There are other brands that get excellent reviews, but the ratings will be different for each printer. As you are probably hoping to score a great deal, you could think about selecting an older printer. This would be similar to purchasing an automobile just as the new model has been released to the market. Buyers get a great deal on these automobiles because the sellers need to sell them quickly to be able to sell the new models.

You have lots of choices with options and the various features that are included. Use online reviews of all-in-one printers to your advantage. They will help you narrow down your choices and find your best option for all-in-one printers. Make sure to look around at the various different computer and office stores that stock printers as prices can vary from store to store.

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