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Functional Lawn Drainage

When contemplating a new lawn or garden, one decision which we all have to make is whether you are going to use turf or see. As compared to turf, seeding is always preferred in terms of costs. Buying turf can cost you more in comparison to seeding. Many people opt for seeding wherever possible. One thing that can be noted is the preparatory work for both seeding as well as turf is almost the same. Turf can be a better choice if you have kids in the house. Kids would ruin the grass in the garden if you grass instead of turf. With turf there is no need for you to worry. Deficiencies if any in the drainage system should be rectified immediately if you are considered permanent garden features.

Pay attention to the type of soil:

Redesigning of drainage system in the lawn is essential especially when it tends to hold excessive amount of water. If too much water gets logged up in the lawn the grass would grow weaker and weeds, moss and lichen growth will be encouraged. A muddy lawn is extremely difficult to mow, rather it cannot be mowed. Much attention is needed in gardens with heavy clay soils. Depending on the area of your garden you can accordingly treat the garden ground.

One method is to remove the top soil and then up to a depth of a few inches, put a layer of stones, broken bricks, and clinker on the top of the subsoil. Then cover with another layer of bulky material and then ram it firmly down. The top soil will not get filtered through the drainage material then.

Use good drainage systems:

One of the other methods is to dig a hole which is two feet deep as well as across, called a soak away fill it with stones, broken bricks, clinker, rubble etc. with another layer of smaller stones. Top the surface again with a layer of topsoil of at least four inches. One of the most expensive methods is to make use of earthenware drainage pipes which have to be placed in trenches two feet deep. These drain pipes and then lead to a soak away filled in with deep rubble.

You can decide on the redesign the lawn drainage system depending on the size and need of your garden. If you are going in for more complex drainage systems then it could be a bit heavy on your pocket. You can decide accordingly or take the services of a professional if you have a bigger lawn area. Finally it is the comfort and beauty of the garden that you are interested in, and hence it becomes necessary to focus on the drainage system in the lawn.

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