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Gardening Tools – Your Hands And Legs In The Garden

The basic gardening tools are usually economical and won’t cost you a fortune. However, for the new and uninitiated gardeners, the most basic task that needs to be done before heading to the nearest gardening store is to prepare a comprehensive list of all the tools and supplies that are required. This will help preventing random purchases that are always based on emotions rather than reason.

Upon inquiring from the seasoned gardeners about their most favorite and regularly used tools, it has been found that the names aren’t very surprising. They are the five most traditional and commonly used gardening tools. The most frequently used among them are the clippers or shears. Seasoned gardeners consider it the most important gardening tool as it helps getting rid of excess foliage, pruning and shaping of the plants. They also advise that utmost care should be taken while purchasing shears and one should make sure that they are comfortable and fit well on the hands. After all, they’ll be used most regularly.

Accomplished gardeners state that the other most important gardening tool required for maintaining healthy and strong growth of plants is the soil. Although not a tool in true terms, the type of soil plays an important role in providing the essential nutrients to the plants. The next two most useful gardening tools are the shovel and the hoe. A shovel is put to use when one is planting shrubs, tress or big plants in the garden. It is recommended that one should buy a good round-ended shovel that can do enough justice to its job. A gardening hoe is needed to cultivate the top-soil of a plant enabling the water and other nutrients to pass through. It is also used regularly for removal of weeds.

A great number of gardeners rank a spading fork also high among the frequently used and favorite gardening tools. It has an appearance more resembling a mini pitchfork with wider tines and a short handle. A spading fork is mostly employed in small gardening projects where one may need to do away with hardened dirt particles and open up the top soil before going about planting anything.

Once a gardener has worked through the top-soil, a rake is normally brought into use for leveling the ground before the seedlings are planted. It is also useful in getting rid of big pieces of earth or stones from the soil.

The seasoned gardeners always keep themselves updated about the technological advancements in the gardening tools industry and all that is available in the market. The final decision to purchase a tool depends on its utility, comfort and durability. What use would an expensive gardening tool be if it results in blisters on the gardeners hands or breaks up the first time it is put to use.

Internet has revolutionized all the aspects of the common man’s daily life. How can gardening remain untouched?! Doing a regular search for gardening tools on internet can throw up myriad results and choices for one to explore. However, the purists still feel that the old time swap meets and garage sales are the most effective purchasing avenue that starting gardeners must approach while looking around for their basic gardening tools.

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