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Big And Beautiful In Garden Design – A Look At The Role Of Planting Mature Trees And Shrubs

Imagine you have commissioned a new build property and want to feel that the garden has been there for 20 years. Perhaps you want to disguise an eye sore in the garden next door or a new development has sprung up within your favourite view. Corporate clients may want to impress their customers with lavish mature landscapes or perhaps the Planning Authority have insisted that mature stock must be replaced like for like. One of the greatest challenges in any landscaping project is the use of semi-mature trees but one that certainly affords the greatest rewards.

In the last decade this area of the market has developed leaps and bounds. A new growing industry has evolved to supply mature trees and shrubs to the landscape industry. These specimens are used widely in projects such as business parks, shopping malls and townscapes. Corporate clients realise that a mature landscape has become as essential an element as something like air conditioning, The up shot to this Corporate revolution is that a much greater array of plant material in now available to you, the home owner. The stock comes from Northern Europe, with Germany, Holland, France, Spain and Italy the major suppliers. The nurseries are really something to see; hundreds of acres of neatly planted fields of a bewildering selection of trees that in some cases have been tendered for up to 20-30yrs. They are repeatedly lifted and re-planted each autumn when the trees are dormant. This encourages the tree to make fibrous root growth that allows it a speedy recovery and establishment when finally planted. All year round armies of Nurserymen tend, water and prune the trees. I often think it like looking after a fine wine that has been laid down for years. Every autumn the Nurseries race to lift and ‘root ball’ the trees, wrapping the roots in hessian sacks and wire to retain soil around the fibrous root ball. They are carefully tied up and loaded onto covered articulated trucks bound for all countries. For example wealthy Russians have brought up large conifers by the thousand as they build brand new houses in the more affluent areas of Moscow. This can have a dramatic affect on the supply chain, so much so that some species are no longer available.

Some of these trees are sold to UK nurseries that ‘pot’ them on to then sell them throughout the year. This takes out the seasonality of the process and means you can purchase and plant a tree at any time of the year.

The impact of semi-mature tree planting can be amazing – the instant WOW factor. Imagine planting a 12-15metre tall Oak tree with a canopy spread of 4-5metres which will literally block out any eye sore that lies behind it. Costs vary so much from type to size and also the location. Some of these trees will weight up to 10 tonnes and costs can be up to several thousands of pounds each. We were recently asked to source two amazing trees for the entrance to a substantial home. They had to be evergreen and unique. We found a pair of cloud pruned Yew that were 120yrs old and to die for! These are the most expensive trees we have planted at a cost of £20,000.00 each. You may find this staggering but there were only a few left out of a batch of 30 in a Dutch nursery. Size should never be a barrier – Landform were contracted to plant six 14 Metre+ Quercus palustris (Pin Oak) for the Tree Top Walkway, Kew Gardens in May 2008. The trees weighed in at 8 tonnes each were manoeuvred using a 100 tonne crane.

If you are planning to plant semi-mature trees, make a plan before you visit the nursery. Ensure you have a qualified and experienced contractor on board to carry out the planting works. Think about access to the planting location – we often use cranes to place a tree if access is restricted. Visit the nursery and ‘tag’ the tree (s) you want. Just be aware that if you are someone who loves your trees/plants you’ll be like a kid in a sweetie shop.

Mark Gregory is a director of the The London School of Garden Design, one of the leading garden design schools in Britain

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How To Discover Solar Garden And Patio Lights

You can buy Solar garden and patio lights just about anywhere that garden supplies are sold. They have a way of making a garden space seem more glamorous and finished. It might be the final stage to your garden project. If you are needing some tips and ways that you can make these lights work for you, then follow some quick guidelines.

Usually people will do things to their garden to spruce it up a bit. Things like a patio set, and some plants might do the trick. When you want to add a little extra to the desired look, you might consider some lights. Solar lights make perfect sense because they do not require any electricity, and they get there power from the sun. That can be a very low maintenance way for you to have the lighting that you want.

One of the fantastic aspects to the solar lights is that they require no electricity. That means you don’t have to think about where you are putting them in relation to a plug outlet or where a cord might be seen. They get all of their energy right from the sun and then shine all night.

If you are trying to plan out where you will put some lights in the backyard, you might try some different areas to get an entire look that is stunning. Places that are common for lights include; the deck, fence, gazebo and shed. If there is a spot to put lights, then you can add them to that area. Some will even place them in the garden beside the plants to light up the colorful area.

There are lots of reasons why adding some lighting can work for you and your home. It can light up your yard and create a feeling a security. It can also allow you and your family to sit outside and socialize at night, and it can even just make the garden area look great.

With a lit up backyard, it can mean that you and your family can now spend your evenings hanging out in the garden. The lights will give you a chance to enjoy the backyard while socializing with each other. When you have friends over, it can make a nice intimate place to mingle.

If you are concerned with the environment, then you are doing your part, by using Solar garden and patio lights. They are low maintenance and can make any space look festive and amazing. They are good on the hydro bill and do not even need to be thought about, they turn themselves off during the day. That means you do not have to worry about having them turned off at the end of the night. The only time you need to touch them is if you experience cold and snowy weather in the winter, then you will want to bring them into the garage or shed.

Solar garden lights add to the beauty of your outdoor space. Solar patio lights extend the choices for entertaining and outdoor living to the evening hours.