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How Pitney Bowes Postage Meters can Help Small Business

It can be simple to overlook, but believe it or not, Pitney Bowes postage meters can actually assist just about any small business. Any firm worth its weight has to handle letters, billing invoices, packages, and any number of things that are mailed using postage. Some businesses don’t believe themselves to be significant enough to require postage meters, when in fact they are.

There are a variety of different postage meters from Pitney Bowes that can fit any size business. For small businesses, mailing a few letters or bills, packages, or invoices can often seem like acquiring dollar items at the local store. It never seems like a great amount at the time, but when you begin to add those small purchases up over time, the number can be quite surprising. This same idea applies to postage and sending letters.

If a small business sends out an average of five invoices, packages, or letters per day, that means that trips to and from the post office are required. Every trip made costs time and gas, assuming that trip is made by vehicle. These negligible expenses don’t seem major until, like the example given, they are added up over time. The expenditures can begin to add up relatively fast. Pitney Bowes knows this as well as any company, that’s why their series of postage meters offer different options and capacities.

How many times have you added extra money to a letter because you thought it might exceed the weight limit for standard postage? If you simply double the stamps, then you have been spending more than you should on these letters. A postage meter from Pitney Bowes solves this situation by weighing and calculating the fees to send the item based on its origin and destination.

Every time you add forty-two cents to a letter or package uselessly is money you are taking away from the health of the business. A postage meter is a great solution to over-stamping, as the term is also called.

Also, perhaps your business only sends someone to the post office on an as-needed basis. However, are you conscious of how often that need arises? Sometimes outgoing mail piles up, waiting for a once-a-week trip. That’s fine, but any day an invoice sits in the outbox is a day your income won’t be working for you. Having a Pitney Bowes postage meter in your office can allow you the occasion to send out mail on a daily, and as-needed basis.

Add onto that the time that you, or an staff member, has to take out of their productivity to travel to the post office and wait in line to have letters, packages, or other items weighed and the postage calculated. There’s no reason to sacrifice productivity in order to have a regular flow of mail leaving your business. Pitney Bowes postage meters offer the ability for any size business to improve their business and, ultimately, maximize their profits and boost the bottom line.

Chris Ulrich is the developer of Pitney Postage – a Postage System website featuring Pitney Bowes Postage Meters

The Seasonal Changes Going Into Summer

Before the war, going for the mail was a task accomplished with a minimum of effort by jumping into the rural jeep which we like to call the station wagon, and buzzing out the river road to the highway. After it became necessary to conserve our precious gasoline supply, it was decided that someone should walk to the mail box, so I was elected with only one dissenting vote. It didn’t take long, you may be sure, for me to go by way of the lane a walk of half a mile instead of the’ longer -way along the river road. Each. day this task becomes dearer to me and not for worlds would I pass it on to anyone else.

It was early spring when I started my job. Along the lane, violets and spring beauties nodded and from the branches of the bare trees I was greeted by a Glee Club of bird voices.

The bright days tumbled headlong into early summer. Glass was unbelievably green and soft. Cardinals and red-winged blackbirds darted here and there among the wild grape vines. On the weathered old fence. vetch affectionately .clambered and . proudly displayed delicate pink and lavender blossoms. From the field beyond came a Biblical fragrance of freshly plowed earth. My cup was full when from a small glade carpeted in wild geranium, a flock of bluebirds rope and few all around me, their heavenly blue feathers shimmering.

Later in the summer, the air lay heavy and still’ n my lane. Lazy butterflies floated across the landscape and once, when I was out a little earlier than usual, I Saw a mother skunk marshalling five cute- babies through the star grass to safety.

My feet walked a carpet of dewy diamonds set with many colored stones, some of which I carried home to use in nooks of the rock garden.

Autumn rains brought mud to the trail, but the smilax held high its globes of purplish black berries and bittersweet replaced’ the vetch as a cape over the shoulders of the old fence. Goldenrod and purple asters foamed in the fence corners, and it the field, drying corn and rotund pumpkins flashed me a warning that the year was growing old.