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3D Landscape Design Freeware Makes Landscaping Simple

Most landscape designers utilize similar design methods and tools; prior to the computer age architects designed on paper then to blueprints. Technology revolutionized every area of design including landscape designers making it possible for any amateur to make a professional design with 3D landscape design freeware. There are free and paid options for 3D landscape design software making hi-tech landscape design available to anyone with a computer, some patience and a desire to learn. Once you have the basics of the freeware or software down then it is time to let your creativity run wild. I have seen many people create professional looking patio landscape designs for their condos and apartments that would rival what you see in some design magazines.

Picking 3D Landscape Design Freeware or Software

If you’re a professional designer, or even if you’re just someone who wants to get started designing landscapes, you need to find a 3D landscape design freeware that is packed with quality features and easy to use. The 3D landscape design software should be able to do everything you need it to in a logical manner. Remember that most experts use the best software since it makes the design process that much more fun, easy and in a short time. One way to find out which design software is recommended by pros is to check consumer reports, review customer software ratings and even look for designer forums where likeminded people can share ideas as well as boast about which 3D landscape design freeware programs are in their arsenal.

Hobbyist 3D Landscape Design Freeware

If you’re not an expert, it’s crucial that the 3D landscape design freeware you pick is very logical plus easy to use. You don’t want to get a program that is so complicated you need hours of training just to do simple tasks. Inevitably you will be frustrated by all the lost time trying to figure out a complex software program built for trained experts; not to mention you probably paid for the expert software so that money is flushed away with no gain.

You may want to try Google SketchUp for a free solution or you can go with paid software. There are various price ranges for paid landscape design software including SmartDraw and IDEA Spectrum. Many professional landscapers draft their design as a draftsman then create a CAD 3D representation. You probably don’t need to go this far unless you are a landscaper or architect presenting to customers.

Do it yourself landscape designers will feel like a pro when they utilize quality software that is not very expensive or likely even free. If you use good 3D landscape design freeware you will find that creating a professional front yard, back yard or patio landscape design is only a few creative hours away. The easy & intuitive software might make you want to become a professional yourself but hold that thought until you have completed your landscaping project from the 3D landscape design freeware to a new garden landscape that fits your style perfectly.

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What Makes Up a Good Mediterranean Garden?

A Mediterranean garden is one of the eye catching gardens that have the look and feel of a European get away even when the garden is located in Southern California. This is a tasteful and colorful type of garden that is found in places like Italy, Spain or Greece with a maraud of colors and old world charm.

The Mediterranean garden also includes things made of stone, concrete or ceramics and can include fountains or ponds that lend a cooling and relaxing atmosphere to the garden. In a true Mediterranean garden there are plants and trees that are of olives, citrus, and vines of grapes, along with Pomegranates. Plants that are found in these gardens are Lavender, Rosemary, Oleanders and even the common Geranium. This garden is usually built upon a mixture of edible herbs and fruits among the color and beauty of flowers to make it an appealing and aromatic place to relax. Relaxation is one of the key features in the Mediterranean garden; this can be from a simple stone bench, a swinging seat or the table located on the stone or brick patio. One thing that is out of place in this garden is wood and metal, this is a garden built on old world charm and not the modern conveniences of today, like the wood that is placed to hold some beds in place or help to raise them.

The most important thing to remember with a garden of this type is to choose the plants that will go into it carefully and be aware of their watering needs. This garden is not located in the climate of Italy, Spain or even the South of France; it is located in a place like Southern California. That means the plants must be able to tolerate the climate in this location successfully to flourish yearly.

These gardens can also include plants like roses that can be found in a huge variety of colors and flower sizes to help compliment the garden in their elegant way. They are a relaxing garden that often have stone or brick pathways winding through them to lend to the Mediterranean feel.

One feature about this type of garden is the aromatic herbs that can be planted such as sage and rosemary that other types of garden might not include, the herbs are ones based on the herbs that can be found in the Mediterranean gardens of Italy or Greece. In the garden it is possible to find a relaxing seat hidden amid the floral and scents of herbs.

While these are lively gardens filled with color and smell they also should include the old world charm that is gained by the use of cement, stone and brick found in these original gardens that are often used to make paths through the garden for a relaxing look of a place to gaze upon the colors and smells.

This is the type of garden that can fit the style of any home and can give the appearance of a warm inviting hideaway.

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