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Build a Rock Garden…it’s An Medium That Can Create Enjoyment for Years

Rock gardening is a great way for you to express your artistic side while using your gardening skills and an alternative medium as well.

There are plenty of creative choices for the rock garden enthusiast. The Japanese Zen garden is my favorite but you can be just as happy building the most common form, the basic rock garden.

Since Japanese Zen gardens are rockier and less plant-filled, if you’re going to put together a basic rock garden with more plants and flowers, there are some things that you should think about.

If you’re working in an area that is already quite rocky it will be much easier to start your garden. However, you’ll still need to plan well to make the picturesque garden you desire.

Starting at the most troublesome spot (every garden has one!) is a way to relieve long run frustration. Build or use an existing slope where there’s plenty of sunshine.

Obviously the easiest rocks to use are the ones already in your garden or around your house. However, don’t worry…most gardening supply store have plenty that you can purchase.

For aesthetic purposes, your plants and rocks should follow a color scheme. Make sure that the design has a natural look and feel to it. And when choosing your plants, use ones that won’t need lots of water since the water will drain through the rocks.

Once you’ve picked your rocks and plants the plant spacing, elevation, slope, and design should reflect your artistic traits.

It should only take a day or two to build the rock garden of your dreams. And days, months, or years for you to enjoy it!

Dan Edwards is an avid gardener, writer, hobby, health, and internet enthusiast, as well as a student of life. He documents subjects that interest him. His website is: http://www.helpandguidance.com.