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Bonsai Pests: Spider Mites Might be a Problem

Bonsai Pests: Spider Mites

If you notice a fine webbing between your bonsai plant leaves you may have spider mites. Outdoor bonsai such as Juniper are more susceptible to this than indoor bonsai. Spider mites can be seen with the naked eye. Inspect the web to see if you see movement. They will look like very tiny spiders or microspiders as I like to call them.

Why they are bad for your bonsai

Spider mites feed off of your bonsai using their tiny mouthparts to suck out the plant cell contents. You may notice white or yellow areas in your foliage as a result. Leaves may fall off as a result of the damage. Your bonsai may lose its color, have its growth stunted, or die as a result of the damage if there are a significant amount of mites.

Life Cycle

Spider mites hatch from eggs laid on the bonsai. They generally hatch into larva within the first 3-7 days after being deposited onto your bonsai.


Carefully inspect any new bonsai purchases for mites by looking at the tops and bottoms of their leaves. They are about the size of a period on a typewriter and can be introduced from contaminated soil as well.



If you would like to control the situation manually, introducing predator insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, and predatory mites are your best solution.


If you go the pesticide route, make sure you get a miticide. Insecticides that aren’t specifically miticides don’t work very well on spider mites.


Spider mites can be detrimental to your bonsai, but if caught early the damage will be minimal.

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Pest Control Advice And Information

This article will provide the best possible tips to keep away as many pests as you could possibly desire. Some of the advice given will deal with specific pests problems while other will deal with general guidelines.

You are required by the food authorities to disinfect all goods like dog food, flour, and other grains from being exposed to strayed insects. You have to keep your food sealed in air tight containers in order to prevent infection from the strayed insects. The exposure of the food will be the same but you will protect from mice contamination.

Inspection of your home is vital in pest control as has been already stressed. Pests don’t need holes to penetrate your home. insects are very small and can enter your home from very small holes. Mice however require a quarter of an inch-sized hole to enter your house and can be seen as great escape artists.

You have no idea how many holes your house already has which you need to check out like your cable line, telephone lines, garage and especially the attic. These holes never get checked by anyone. Gain sufficient control over your notorious pests, now is the best time.

Any house lights will attract insects and will commonly invite them into your own home. This in turn will lure spiders who will feed on them. Even though you have enough screening, chances are they may still penetrate your home. To get around with this problem, you may use yellow bulbs or any non-insect attracting lights and assure to it that your doors are always closed.

Other main reasons need to be addressed in the quickest possible time for two reasons. You must always prevent insects from entering your house and reproducing in it. It is very important that you take action before spring when it comes to insects. You want to do the same for small animals as raccoons and skunks and other wild city creatures will enter your home and nest.

Take care of the pest situation in your home once and for all. Contact an animal control Toronto expert to do the job right. When you are dealing with raccoons then you should get a raccoon removal Toronto