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Water Garden In Your Garden


Quentin Bell's Levitating Lady Sculpture at Ch...
Image by UGArdener via Flickr

Ok – So Quentin Bell’s Levitating Lady Sculpture at Charleston Farmhouse garden in Sussex UK may not be available for your own water garden but there are other options available.

Water gardens can range from simple puddles of water to massive elaborate constructions costing – well almost anything.

So the first consideration is the purpose of the water garden. Is it to add an element of reflection, attract birdlife, be a focal point to house wetland type plantings, keep fish and tadpoles or float waterlilies.

The second consideration should be the budget for this project. And water gardens can range from a few rand to almost anything. Add into the budget the cost of maintenance.

The third consideration would probably be to decide if it is a DIY project or a job for a contractor. Small water gardens can easily be created by digging a shallow hole – maybe 500mm to 1m deap and as large as you want and lining it with PVC, surrounding with appropriate plantings, filling with water and job done. This is a weekend project.

Alternatively a more elaborate structure may require gunite or concrete linings and mechanical excavators. Not really an average DIY job but doable. Same principle as building a swimming pool. Easy peasy.

Whatever direction you choose to go, a water garden is an essential part of any holistic and ecologically diversified garden. But build it after the kids have learned to swim. They will play in it and they will run into the house covered in mud.

If You want to build a watergarden and need help – live in the Highway area KZN call Matt – he’ll help.  Contact details

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Landscape Supplies Are A Product Of Your Project

Landscaping your home is no small task, but that is not to say that it can’t be fun and rewarding as well. Assuming you have done your homework, created a landscape plan, a sound budget, and an affordable shopping list, it is time for your last step before you get down to the fun work; it is time to get your landscape supplies.

You always need the right tool for the job, and that statement holds especially true when applied to landscaping work. But before you run out and purchase a tool for every conceivable landscaping application, take the time to study your landscape plan to make sure you only purchase items that you will really need. Further, if you utilized landscaping software to help you create your landscape design you may have a shopping list function that is part of the software package. If so then creating your list of landscape supplies could be as simple as clicking a printer icon!

Different designs require different landscape supplies, but there are a few items that you are almost certain to need. Landscape fabric is a breathable layer of sheeting that acts as a base for areas where you are not trying to grow plants, grass or flowers, such as mulch or stone covered areas. The landscape fabric acts as a barrier that allows water to drain through it, but also prevents weeds and other undesired plants from growing.

The tools of the landscaping trade can be as varied as the projects themselves, but no list of landscape supplies would be complete without a few of the most basic staple items. Shovels, pruners, hoes, rakes, wheelbarrows, and trowels are must have items for any landscape project.

Additional supplies that you will likely need are things like grass seed, fertilizer, sprinklers, mulch, stones, plants, flowers, and shrubs. Add to that your basic lawn care items, such as a lawnmower, weed trimmer, and edger, and you have the basic landscape supplies you need to tackle most basic projects and maintain your work after it is completed.

Ultimately, the list of landscape supplies that you will need will be defined by the project you are undertaking and the land on which you have to work. A rolling property with natural tiers can make your job quite a bit easier, and your list of landscape supplies is sure to reflect that. However, a flat property with little in the way of defining characteristics will require much more work and materials to bring it to life. Naturally, if your landscape design includes things like lighting, water features, and pathways, the size of your landscape supply list can jump exponentially.

When it comes time to purchase your landscape supplies there are several options you may wish to entertain. The obvious choice is to shop one of the large home improvement stores that dot the current retail landscape. Not only do these big box stores have a wide selection and competitive prices, they also have helpful staff members who can answer your questions and get you off on the right foot.

Another option is to buy your supplies directly from a company that specializes in landscape supplies. Mulch, plants, stones, and pavers are just a few of the items that specialty dealers can provide, and they can often deliver those items to your doorstep at a competitive price as well. Lastly, your local landscape contractors may have excess supplies from their professional jobs, and they may be willing to part with those items at a deep discount. But no matter which direction you turn, remember that the best way to save money is to buy only what you need, so let your landscape plan dictate your list of landscape supplies; and then get to work and have fun!

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