The Best Reason To Use Concrete Waterproofing

The decision to embark upon concrete waterproofing is not to be taken lightly. This is particularly true when you contemplate the behavioural differences that there are when organic and chemical compounds are mixed. One can not always be certain of the outcome. That being so, the first decision should be to consider the actual condition of the concrete you will be working with and its position in respect of water.

Sealants such as the topical asphalt based ones have been, and still are one of the prime methods of protection against water erosion of walls and foundations. Methods and products are constantly evolving. There are several additives for instance, which are designed to protect from water vapors that percolate through concrete causing much damage.

There are new topical sealants that have the job of sealing out all water on the market. These types of sealers are formulated and graded according to how much waterproofing is required.

In the case of external sealers, the claim by most manufacturers is that they provide excellent protection against even the very worst circumstances the weather can provide. These Hi tech sealers are a mix of unique blends which can permeate into the very structure of the concrete creating a stronger barrier against even the toughest water-based situations, stains included.

One of the newest products on the market is based on crystal technology, which is a brilliant but simple concept. The idea behind it is that since concrete has a porous construction, by blending a special kind of crystal into the wet concrete, when the crystals grow and expand they will seal up the air pockets and cracks rapidly. This is a very useful benefit as a concrete additive.

It deals effectively with hairline cracks, which are a bane of the builder. This mixture can be blended in to virgin concrete, or added to water and coated over new or existing forms.

Additives such as silica and pozzolan are also added in order to provide more water protection and strength further benefit is the fact that these latest products form a barrier against erosion from all kinds of oil-based products that damage the concrete structure. This adds an element of protection against future erosion for your concrete waterproofing project.

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