The Secrets Of Growing Upside Down Tomatoes

Have you ever come across Upside Down Tomatoes? The term makes me smile because I always imagine Upside Down Tomatoes as what happens to them during a storm.

Upside Down Tomatoes are what the term suggests; They are grown upside down rather than by traditional methods and there are actually benefits to this method as well.

Traditional growing of tomatoes requires a lot of maintenance and you also need proper support such as Tomato Cages. You have also got to weed regularly and you have to be careful not to let the fruits rot. Growing upside down tomatoes means you don’t have to worry so much about caring for the plants. You can also grow them on patios in house borders and even in your backyard. Great if you are like me and love just going outside the kitchen, picking them and eating them like sweets.

So how exactly do you grow Upside Down Tomatoes?

Upside down tomatoes need a proper container. You can save yourself money by making your own. What you can do, is buy a good quality container that is about 12 inches thick in diameter. Drill a hole at the bottom of the pot. The hole should be where the upside down tomato is going to come out. You should also drill 3 smaller holes on the side of the pots for the ropes which you use to hang the tomatoes.

Put some landscaping fabric at the bottom of the pot so that your plant and all the soil won’t get washed away when being watered. Make sure you cut a hole at the center of the fabric and make sure it matches the expansion of the root ball. Check that the fabric lines up with the hole.

The next step is to put the upside down tomato plant through the hole of the container where you have made the cut. You might need to ask for some help with holding the pot when you are doing this. Make sure that you add some potting mixture so that the plant will be healthy.

Tie the ropes to the side of the container if you are using your home made version and hang the plant in the upside down position. Make sure you give the plants a good watering and give them plenty of sunlight. You can now use the traditional methods of growing your tomatoes.

With Upside Down Tomatoes you don’t have to worry about soil conditions or if you have enough space in your garden and as I have already said, if you own a flat or apartment then you can hang your plants on the balcony.

Learn more about growing Upside Down Tomatoes. Stop by Lesley Pirrie’s site where you can find out all about the secret of growing an Upside Down Tomato .

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