The Suspicions Of Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy can spread more quickly than expected. In fact, during your typical walk in the woods you may unfortunately walk back with a new devastating disease. This will only occur when you do not know to expect of poison ivy.

The most likely way that a person will infect themselves with the plant is simply by touching it or walking by it. However, it can also be contracted through over forms that many people do not no realize. By simply touching a piece of clothing that has come in contact with the plant is enough for it to spread over your entire body.

This is an extremely rare way in which a person can catch the harmful affects of poison ivy. If wood is burning that contains pieces of the harmful substance than its poison is released into the smoke. This can be a very dangerous form of poison ivy, so much so that it can send its receiver to the hospital.

Immunity to the disease is also a possibility in a few select people. However, this is a very rare possibility. Also, if a person is immune to poison ivy they run the risk of growing out of it. For this reason everyone should be as equally cautious of the plant.

The disease initially occurs in once location. However, it can spread rather quickly. When this occurs it can be frighteningly scary and hard to painful at times. You should be careful so as not to touch the infected location so that you do not spread it across the entirety of your body.

The most common problem that people encounter is the need to shower upon initial contact to the plant. However, this is the thing that you need to avoid the most. This is the thing that you need to avoid the most because the warm water in the shower opens all the pores across your body. However, since the the harmful poison ivy contains its dangerous oils they can now seep into the body. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to rub alcohol across the surface of the infected area. This technique only has a six hour window in which it is effective. After this six hour window has passed the harmful oils have already soaked into the pours in the skin and are no longer susceptible to disinfecting.

Mild cases of poison ivy can end in just one week. However, the more intense cases can take up to three weeks to completely go away. This can be a very long time to wait when you are having sincere pain due to itching. Prescription medication can help to make the rash go away more quickly than over the counter medication. This type of medication also can help ease the pain more quickly.

You will always want to avoid poison ivy whenever possible. However, in the case in which contact does occur you will want to be sure you know exactly what to do. Also, you will want to know exactly what not to do so that you can make it go away as fast as possible.

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