Tips For Building Your Own Greenhouse

If you love to garden but hate that your flowers die every winter then you may want to consider a greenhouse. These protect your hard work from the cold and other elements. When you spend hours each day pampering your flowers and plants then it only makes sense to protect them. If you simply can’t bring them in your house then here are a few tips on building your own greenhouse.

Deciding where you want it is one of the primary factors and will determine a lot about the greenhouse you build. You may only have a small area but this may hold many more plants than you might expect. You can also have a free standing structure or one that connects to your home.

The foundation is completely your choice. You may even decide to just let the ground itself be your only base. You can also use concrete of wood if you choose. Keep in mind though that wood may rot over time and need to be replaced. All foundations have pros and cons but soil is by far the cheapest and easiest way to go.

You have two primary choices for your frame. The first is wood which may provide you with more strength and durability. The problem with wood is that you will need more tools and it may be more work. PVC pipe can be used as well. This is very light weight and easy to handle. You may only need joints and glue to make a structure out of this.

Clear rolls of thick plastic can be used for the outer covering. This can be bought in just about any home improvement store. You can also but clear siding if you prefer something a little more durable. The plastic is more likely to tear than the siding but it is much cheaper and easier to secure.

The frame of your greenhouse will resemble that of a small storage shed. The primary difference in construction will come when you get to the walls. They will be made clear to allow in sunlight for your plants. Remember to allow for a door of some sort for easy access.

Boards or shelves can go in once your greenhouse is built. This will allow you a place to put your plants so they will not be sitting directly on the floor. If you want your own greenhouse then consider building one yourself today.

If you love to garden but hate that your flowers die every winter then you may want to think about building your own greenhouse with our greenhouse blueprint . These protect your hard work from the icy cold and various harmful elements.

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