Tips For Creating a Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Who would not want a garden that attracts beautiful butterflies? A butterfly garden can be relaxing and entertaining as well. The following are a few tips for creating the perfect garden for a variety of butterfly species to visit often.


First, your garden should be located in direct sunlight. Butterflies love the warmth of the sun and actually need the heat from the sun to continue to fly and move.  Plan on surrounding your garden with stones or brick walkways. These materials placed in and around a garden will help retain the sun’s heat.

Choice of Plants and Flowers

Before you decide on the types of flowers and plants that will be included within your garden, first do a little research to determine the types of butterflies you most want to attract. The area in which you live will help determine the types of plants that will thrive.

Choose plants that thrive well in direct sunlight.  Be sure they are colorful flowers and plants that will attract the species of butterfly that you desire.  Remember, butterflies love nectar, so choose flowers and plants that a variety of species of butterflies will naturally want to gravitate towards.


Resist the temptation to use pesticides or harsh chemicals to keep undesired bugs away from the garden. These chemicals will do a fine job of keeping unwanted insects from hanging around, but they will also keep butterflies from entering your garden as well.

Moisture is Important

Moist soil, leaves and flowers are important to the butterfly because this is their only source of water. Butterflies cannot drink from standing water, but rather they rely on small moisture droplets on leaves and flowers to hydrate themselves. Water your garden often with a garden hose that has a mist attachment. Keep a garden hose attached to a reel nearby so that watering is easy and painless.  Making it an easy job will insure that you remember to water the garden often.

Once your garden is in full bloom, sit back and enjoy some of nature’s most beautiful creatures – butterflies.

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