Tips On Choosing Plants For Your Container Garden

Growing a container garden is really easy and useful. A wide assortment of vegetables, fruit and herbs can be grown in pots. It is easy to start your plants from seedlings that can be obtained at the local garden center, however many people prefer to grow their own starter plants in little pots inside, transferring them into a bigger container after they’ve grown sufficiently. Keep reading for a few of the most popular alternatives for these undemanding and portable gardens.

Many people choose to begin container gardening with herbs as they tend to thrive in this atmosphere. The trick is to pick out a pot that’s a suitable size for the type of herb you’re cultivating. Certain herbs, due to their more modest size, are well suited to a smaller container, such as basil, chives and parsley. However, a lot of herbs are considerably larger. For instance, sage needs a large container since it’s actually a bush.

Most horticulturists raise tomatoes in their vegetable patch, and they make a great addition to a container garden, too. Flavorful tomatoes can be hard to find. The tomatoes you buy at the grocer are harvested before they’re ripe and are subsequently ripened through artificial means, consequently they won’t be nearly as delicious as the ones you grow yourself. Many kinds of tomato are suitable for being grown in a container, particularly small varieties such as cherry, grape and roma tomatoes. An added feature is that they are quite ornamental.

Other veggies that are frequently grown in pots are carrots, peas, beans, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, peppers, scallions and radishes. Even potatoes and corn have been known to grow in a pot! The truth is, almost all veggies can be raised in a pot if you take good care of them.

People don’t opt to raise fruit in pots as often as veggies and herbs, perhaps for the reason that it’s considered to be too complicated. However, strawberries are a good option for a container garden, and they grow very well in a wide range of different pots. This is an extremely hardy plant, and can be grown in “grow bags” created particularly for that purpose, which can be hung pretty much anywhere outside.

Another fruit that is well suited to container gardening is a dwarf fruit tree. Many small citrus trees will grow well in big pots. Quite a few kinds of dwarf berry bushes will also grow productively in pots, for example raspberries and blueberries. One downside is that they tend to weigh a lot and can’t be transported with ease.

The benefits of a vegetable garden can’t be beat. You’ll get to enjoy fresh picked produce and you’ll get some great exercise at the same time! From the organic vegetable garden to herb gardening, you’ll find the information you need at the Vegetable Gardening Site.

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