Tips On How To Arrange Your Flowers Quickly

Freshly cut flowers can make any room look beautiful. But an improperly matched flower vase can ruin the beauty of your stunning flower arrangements.

The flower arrangement and the flower vase must always complement or contrast each other. The type of vase must not be too multi-colored or very decorative because it will take away from the attractiveness of the flowers.

The height of the flower arrangement is also something that should be paid attention to. If the flowers are tall, then place them in tall flower vases. Basically, when you place the flowers inside the vase, the resulting height should be around one-half or two-third taller than the original height.

Make sure that the color of the vase is isn’t too vibrant or saturated. Light colors such as white, cream, or pale pastel will go well with the flowers while patterns are also fine as long as they complement each other.

Brightly tinted ceramic and glass vases or crystal vases are not good for holding flowers since they are meant to be used for their own beauty.

The shape of the vase is another factor. There are four types of decorative vase shapes. The traditional vases are wider at the mouth and are meant for profusion of blooms. Cylindrical ones are tall with straight sides and they are recommended for roses and tulips. Flat vases are low and wide and are meant to hold cut flowers allowed to float in the water. Bottle-style vases have a narrow mouth. Delicate flowers such as cherry blossoms are suited for these kinds of vases.

If you don’t want to worry about matching your floral arrangements with the right vase, then you can keep a range of flower vases in your home. Department stores sell nice looking vases that are not too expensive either. However, you can also go in for the more expensive ones too.

Always make sure you change the water in the vases on a regular basis as when left too long, bacteria and mold could form and destroy your plants.

A nice crystal bud vase or a black vase, will also be a superb component to the home.

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