Two Efficient Methods To Housetrain Your New Puppy

Housetraining is typically the first thing that a new puppy owner thinks about. Few puppies have received any training on housetraining before they go to their new homes. There are two uncomplicated methods that you can use to housetrain your puppy and you can use either one of them or you can utilize both of them at the same time.

The first approach may be the most arduous as you will need to be very watchful about staying with your puppy and noticing his conduct. Puppies will squat to urinate and defecate and you will need to watch intently but as soon as you see your puppy changing posture you must scoop him up and take him outside to his chosen spot. If you happen to overlook the signs you must not yell at your puppy because he does not yet know what is expected of him.

Also, if you do overlook the sign and you come across it later, it will only terrify your puppy if you discipline him then. Dogs are not like humans and they can only connect to what is happening now. If you discipline him later for a potty accident he will not understand that is why he is in trouble. He can only understand if you scold him for something right away.

The second means to housetrain your puppy is to use a newspaper method. Start by covering the full floor of the space where your puppy runs around. He will learn that the newspaper is an satisfactory place to do his business. Regularly diminish the newspapers in the room, making it smaller and smaller until there is only a small spot left. Then you can take that small piece of newspaper outside to his chosen spot and he will start going there.

Both of these methods can be very effective. You may want to use the first method of watchfulness during the day and the newspapers at night. If you are often engaged with other things you may want to use the newspaper method more regularly.

Every so often an older puppy will go through a juncture where he seems to have forgotten what he has learned about housetraining. This can be extremely maddening but try not to discipline him for it. It is a normal behavior.

When this happens you can use his own instinctual behavior to get him back on track. A dog will typically not dirty his own space. You can use a crate and make it comfy for him so that he thinks of it as his room. If it seems he has “unlearned” his potty training you can let him snooze in his crate and directly after you let him out, take him to his designated spot. He will need to alleviate himself right away and he will quickly get in the routine of only going in his spot.

Housetraining does not need to be complicated or daunting. Both of these methods can be quite valuable and if you try them along with some tolerance you will be triumphant with your housetraining before you know it.

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