Ways To Enhance The Garden Landscape At Night

There’s no better way to add functionality, aesthetic value, and security to your home than to give your garden light. Your garden has taken countless hours of work to create the perfect atmosphere, so why should you stop enjoying it just because the sun goes down? There are several different types of light your can cast on your garden.

Using solar and low voltage lights are low-cost ways to make your landscape glow. Here are some ideas on how to use garden lights in your landscape.

Use low voltage flood lights in front of an area to create a glowing tableau in the nighttime garden. Spotlight garden focal points with brighter lights. You can use low voltage lights suspended from tree limbs, arches, poles, and hidden by structures to pick out a small area and accent it with a stronger brilliance.

Line the pathways with beautiful lamps for the effect and safety. Lights can follow along a garden stairway for safety or meander along the course of a walkway. A curve of glittering solar lamps snaking up a hillside can trace out an intriguing design in the darkness.

Accent the most dramatic trees in the garden. Illuminating the trunk and branches of a tree from below draws attention to their beauty and adds enough of an ambient glow that the garden can be safely navigated at night. These will simply magnify the beauty of your place.

Low voltage lights use very little electricity and there are styles that are fancy and inexpensive, simple and good for any budget or somewhere in between. You will need a transformer. The size will depend on how many lights you will need.

There is little concern for electric shock with low voltage and you can clip your lights to a running cord, placing them wherever you will get the best effects in your garden. In short, low voltage lights are easy to use and don’t have to cost a lot to be effective.

For those who prefer not to deal with cable, solar-powered lights are available. These lights are more expensive, however, and usually require an average of 8 hours of direct sunlight per day to function properly.

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