You are not a Gardener Unless You Have These Tools



Therefore, he or she will be able to add it to their tools whenever they are out toiling in the garden.

1) Shovel

One of the top essential tools when it comes to gardening is no other than the shovel. A gardener’s job just would not be complete without one being around. A spade and a shovel are two very different kinds of garden tools altogether. A shovel is required when you need to plant garden plants or shrubs, dig a nice size hole or move compost from a cart to a garden as a rule. Forged steel is a better choice than stamped steel when choosing a shovel for use in your garden.

2)Pruning Shears

There are two types of garden pruners for the gardener to choose from as a rule. These two types include anvil pruners and bypass pruners. Anvil pruners possess a blade. That is flat and the other has a knife. Bypass pruners work just like a pair of scissors and have sliding blades that go past each other to make a cut. Garden shears of good quality not only aid the gardener but also the plant itself. Because it allows a plant minimal injury when it is cut and the gardener allows snipping and cutting that does not strain the hands.

3)Trowel or Hand Fork

A trowel or hand fork is a multi-purpose gardening tool that can do many different things per se. For instance, it is good to plant bulbs, the transplanting of seedlings, also to dig small planting holes, taking away weeds, and scooping up soil to put into planting pots. A trowel is short and sturdy. A gardening tool allows one to get down on their knees comfortably. The best trowel to buy is one, which has a wooden handle and is made from carbon-coated steel.


A lawnmower is definitely one of the essentials that no gardener can be without at any time. It is necessary for a lawn that is well kept and immaculate in appearance. A manual-push lawnmower is fine for small lawns. Nevertheless, a self-propelled lawnmower is designed for much larger lawns.

5)Garden Rake


There are two different kinds of rakes and one is designed for leaves and the other for the garden. A garden rake is made of steel and about one to two inches in width. It is perfect for use when smoothing down the top layer of a newly planted bed and making a path between raised beds.

It is also handy when you need to fix sections of a lawn or garden that is in need of repair. In addition, to prepare an area of the lawn that is to be seeded.

Garden Hose

When you buy a garden hose, you should only buy one of top quality. Garden hoses that are not only cheap in price are also cheap in quality. They become tangled up very easily and can kink too. Therefore, it is worth it to spend a little more, to get a lot more out of it for your gardening jobs. Buy a garden hose that has brass fittings on it. As well as has five-ply walls.


No gardening or grass-cutting job would be complete without a broom. An outdoor broom is needed when you have to sweep up any leaves, dirt, or debris that must be removed from in and around your garden. It is quick to use and does not make a whole lot of noise. Therefore, it is a quiet essential so to speak.


Hoes come available in different designs to choose from per se. The main function of a hoe is to weed a garden successfully and no garden tool is more needed than it is. When you go shopping for a specific hoe to add to your garden tools, make sure to shop for one with an extra-long handle. Having a hoe with an extra-long handle will help you to do your weeding comfortably for a longer amount of time.

Author: offers a variety of plants and equipment for your garden including garden shurbs, bedding plants, garden seeds and garden tools.

Author: offers a variety of plants and equipment for your garden including garden shurbs, bedding plants, garden seeds and garden tools.

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