Cloning and its Treatments

Intercytex, one of the leading groups in hair cloning, announced that their researchers completed phase two of the study and began phase three. Phase three is the part in the process in which researchers test their particular product and method on a large quantity of subjects and follow them for many years, after which they wait and observe if there are major long-term side effects and complications to take into account.

Plants are in fact composed of live cells and when we have transferred a minute piece into a culture media we are cultivating these cells.which ultimately will continue to divide until such time as it provides us with a perfectly executed genetic copy of our original tissue sample.This is the technique which can be used on any plant which grows on the face of the earth. When a plant is brought in from nature to our laboratory setting.

we must provide as much of a sterile environment as we possibly can. This sterile status should include every item that will touch the explants as they are called from the Plant itself to the media. Let’s put the religious part of the debate for a moment, there will be time for that later. Currently there is much ethics debate from many different religious beliefs about cloning in both the scientific communities and the church.An aeroponics system allows you to grow plants without the expense of needing a growing medium. Plants are grown in the air using this very efficient growing system.

Pumps are used to create a misting spray of nutrient solution that dampens the plant roots; this feeds the plants and, combined with the large amount of oxygen the roots are exposed to, causes the plants to reach maturity very quickly.An aeroponic cloning system uses the same apparatus as an aeroponics system, with one exception. Cuttings are suspended in the air in an aeroponic cloning system, and instead of a nutrient mist, a rooting hormone is sprayed over the cut end of the plant material.

Using an aeroponic cloning system results in those cuttings emitting roots in only five to ten days. After roots are formed, the plants can be grown on in an aeroponics system, hydroponics system or other gardening system that uses soil as a growing medium.Plant cloning kits such as these aeroponic models utilize several pieces of equipment. The pump where the mist originates is a very important component, as is the cloning tray that holds the cuttings at the proper height in the air.
A clear plastic or glass covering over the plants helps to create a humid environment that is conducive to root formation in these cloning kits. Air pumps and diffusers are important for keeping the entire system properly oxygenated.


Pharmaceutical treatments include oral medications and topical treatments that may or may not require a prescription are available. Topical treatments are external, used on the scalp only. There are also surgical treatments. These treatments have possible side effects including sexual side effects (for men) and skin irritation or infection among others. More serious side effects can include swelling of the lips, breast pain or growth, or discharge from your nipples.

Surgical treatments include hair cloning (creating copies of existing hair) and “planting them in the balding areas on your head. Hair Transplants involves taking healthy hair from one area of the head and putting them in balding areas. Both are permanent solutions and both can be painful.Medications such as finasteride (not approved for women), minoxidil, Cortisone (Injection), Anthralin (cream or ointment) are very effective in treating Hair Loss or Baldness. Usage of these medications may have side-effects.

Natural products such as oral supplements are available and fast becoming a popular option. They have far fewer side effects and can be less expensive than other treatments. Their safety is a big draw for many people. Only your and your physician can determine the most beneficial treatment that will meet your needs.Here’s another funny yet serious problem if the dermal sheath cells had been successfully transferred; the hairs have to grow outward instead of inward. There’s a probability that the hair cells would grow into the skin tissue rather than outward, as expected. Another important issue is the longevity of the hairs that would eventually grow on the scalp. There’s no proof yet that the new hair follicles would renew their reproducible phase; the hairs might die out after the first cycle and never return.

You can get these by prescription from a doctor. The only bad thing about Propecia is that it can have some real hard to deal with side effects. Don’t be alarmed though, this isn’t the case with all of its users. Some noted side effects that have bee

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