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Tips For Setting Up A Backyard Fish Pond

Garden PondDo you have a garden pond? Or would you like one? A garden pond or a water garden does not have to be large to totally change how you make use of your garden. The sound of running water is so soothing and a pond fountain or a waterfall can have a cooling effect on a hot summer’s day. Watching the fish carry out their daily lives is calming too and many gardeners like the chance to branch out into the new realm of aquatic plants.

If your pond is sunk into the earth, your could watch it from above or you could build it above ground and use perspex windows to watch your fish on their own level. Your fish will breed too, so you will have a new, perfect, ecosystem in your own garden.

Select the site of your pond with care. Try to position it on slightly higher ground, so that it is not flooded with all your garden’s rainwater in the course of heavy rains. Beware of putting your pond under a tree or you will always be raking leaves out of the water, which is a real pain. Siting your pond in a location where it is in at least partial shade when the sun is high will also help reduce on algae growth.

However, once the contractor has constructed your pond and you have stocked it, is the time when your work commences. Maybe not work, maybe you will enjoy maintaining your fish and your fish pond. This is not hard and a largish pond will need hardly any maintenance at all, most of it can be mechanized.

One of the first things that you will have to try to do is stop your garden falling into the pond. You do not want surrounding mud dropping into the pond and literally muddying the water. This can be achieved by lining your pond with a butyl pond liner and bringing the liner up over the lip of the pond by a foot or two.

Then you need to keep that in place. This can be done to suit your taste, but many people put a stone or brick walkway around the pond. If you let this overhang the pond by an inch or two, you will almost totally hide the pond liner.

Most people overfeed their fish, because fish outdoor will find a lot of natural food such as flies, larvae and grubs. This surplus food turns into a surplus of nutrients. This super-charged water is a perfect environment for algae, and algae is going to be your undying enemy. However, you can soak up some of these surplus nutrients with other plants that you are keen on.

Aquatic plants such as lilies really make a pond and they will help aerate the water during the day when the water may be warmer (warm water contains less oxygen than cool water). Plants also give your fish somewhere to take cover from predators and strong sunlight, which will diminish stress on your fish as well.

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If you’s like a garden pond but want someone else to build it and you live between Westville and Assagy call Matt on 084 712 5129 and he can take care of it for you.

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Or if you want to build it yourself and need some advice try this guide:

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Water Garden In Your Garden


Quentin Bell's Levitating Lady Sculpture at Ch...
Image by UGArdener via Flickr

Ok – So Quentin Bell’s Levitating Lady Sculpture at Charleston Farmhouse garden in Sussex UK may not be available for your own water garden but there are other options available.

Water gardens can range from simple puddles of water to massive elaborate constructions costing – well almost anything.

So the first consideration is the purpose of the water garden. Is it to add an element of reflection, attract birdlife, be a focal point to house wetland type plantings, keep fish and tadpoles or float waterlilies.

The second consideration should be the budget for this project. And water gardens can range from a few rand to almost anything. Add into the budget the cost of maintenance.

The third consideration would probably be to decide if it is a DIY project or a job for a contractor. Small water gardens can easily be created by digging a shallow hole – maybe 500mm to 1m deap and as large as you want and lining it with PVC, surrounding with appropriate plantings, filling with water and job done. This is a weekend project.

Alternatively a more elaborate structure may require gunite or concrete linings and mechanical excavators. Not really an average DIY job but doable. Same principle as building a swimming pool. Easy peasy.

Whatever direction you choose to go, a water garden is an essential part of any holistic and ecologically diversified garden. But build it after the kids have learned to swim. They will play in it and they will run into the house covered in mud.

If You want to build a watergarden and need help – live in the Highway area KZN call Matt – he’ll help.  Contact details

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