Your Garden ? Designed To Perfection

In our time constrained lives asking someone to design, build and plant your garden may seem like an extravagance, but it is an investment that can considerably increase the value of your home, releasing you to enjoy other things. Ultimately it ensures you have a garden in which you spend more time relaxing, playing with the children or just pottering around.

It is hard for a client to know how much it might cost but think about the way you would when buying a new kitchen or a car. A new garden is an investment that creates an outdoor space in which you will want to spend time and can also appreciate through your window.

If you choose to work with a garden designer it is important for the designer to understand what you want and need, this might be an extensive list or the bare bones such as patio and planting beds.

Working to an agreed list of requirements for a garden I design gardens incorporating not only these but also taking into consideration other factors such as the period and materials of the house; the way the garden faces, soil type and of course your budget.  There would be little point in designing a garden with a series of waterfalls if it cannot be achieved within budget!

I am constantly reading books and magazines to ensure I am up to date with the latest garden trends and products, for instance, new ecologically sound or recycled products that can be used to great effect.  The plant world has its own fashions and nowhere can this be best demonstrated than at Chelsea Flower Show, again the new species developed can be woven into your planting plan.

Having a garden designed for you is ultimately about using your garden designers’ knowledge to fulfil your wishes and produce a garden which you can be proud of, in which you will love spending time and that is a visual expression of who you are.

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