Peanut Butter Cassia – Invasive Alien

Peanut Butter Cassia - Invasive Alien 1b Requiring Compulsory Control
Peanut Butter Cassia - Invasive Alien 1b Requiring Compulsory Control

The Peanut Butter Cassia can be quite magnificent when in bloom and attracts bees like nobody’s business.

But in terms of the National Environmental Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) the Peanut Butter Cassia will be declared a 1b which means that it will require compulsory control.

So that means it has to go.

Fortunately it reproduces by seed so once the mother plant is gone the seeds are gone as well – in theory anyway.

But this cassia grows like a weed and along national verges which means that it’s going to be around for a long time.

Nevertheless, compliant gardeners will at least be able easily control the cassia in their own gardens. The plant is quite soft wood and seedlings easily pulled so removal is not a headache like a Syringa for example.

Still – I know we have to responsible and all but I’ve always liked the cassia – always green, requires no looking after, grows quickly and loved by bees.

But if the powers be say it’s gotta go then it’s gotta go –



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