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Why You Should Use A Garden Service Contractor

What role could a garden service contractor play in your keeping your garden beautiful?

It is true that a beautiful garden makes coming home more relaxing and peaceful and certainly adds to the charm and appeal of the house when you drive up.

But, as every home owner knows, maintaining a beautiful garden can be a real challenge,
especially if garden chores keep you sweating every weekend.

Many home owners have found that contracting a regular and reliable garden service crew
takes the backache out of the garden maintenance and leaves the pleasant and engaging
part of gardening for their own enjoyment.

With this in mind, Garden Barber of the Highway area of Durban Kzn South Africa have
expanded their garden maintenance services to include the Kloof and Hillcrest homes.

Garden Barber Gardening Service offers a complete garden maintenance service including trimming the lawns, pruning shrubs and trees,removing weeds and unwanted growth from flower beds – all providing that ever elusive relaxation time for any garden owner who simply has the wisdom to outsource their garden maintenance.

Using well supervised and trained gardeners allows the garden service owner, Matt Bauer, to provide a superior service to his garden owners. “Customer satisfaction is an essential element of how we go about our business”, claims Matt – and if his loyal customers and steady business growth are anything to go by – it certainly seems that his customers are delighted with the way his garden service team care for their gardens.

The expansion of the Garden Barber garden service into the Upper highway area offers local homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of the garden maintenance services and turn their own gardens into a hands free, low maintenance, relaxing weekend peace haven.

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Drill And Fill Aerification Will Improve The Condition Of Your Turf

Drill and fill aerification will help the state of your golf course or playing field. All turf needs deep healthy roots. This will not be possible if the soil is constantly getting compacted. This will not give the roots the air chambers they need to get the oxygen required.

When your soil compacts the pockets of air are lost. This happens on any field that has heavy traffic. It is mostly reported on sports fields and golf courses. This also occurs from the mowing equipment used to keep the grass looking good.

To aerify soil on a large field requires a machine. The process will create more air spaces in the ground. This will aid in deeper rooting of the grass. Some methods used to enter the dirt do not go down deep enough and this will have poor results.

What seems to work best for aeration of the soil is a straight in and out process done by a drill. This will leave smooth holes in the turf with only a small amount pulled up when the holes were created. The other benefit of this approach is that it keeps the soil residue to a minimum.

Golf courses are particularly worried about the time it take to do this and the time to recover. Using this procedure will have the course looking like new in only days. Of course they do not want to close for any reason, but the owners do not want a poor looking turf either.

Another consideration is the distance the hole will go down. This will be decided when a professional comes to look at the soil. They will make the determination based on the amount of clay or sand and the last time any type of maintenance was performed.

Another consideration is when to do the aeration. This needs to be based on upon your location. The drilling is done when the grass is active. The roots will be able to grow into the newly loosened earth.

The professional that do these types of jobs come fully equipped with many machines and large staffs. They should be able to do over two acres a day. You will have use of your playing field or golf course sometimes the same day depending on the timing and the size. The benefits to doing a drill and fill aerification process include, less disease and moss and of course deeper roots for your turf.

Looking to find the definititve source of information on drill and fill aerification?

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