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Gaia Herbs Farms, Production, And Quality

Gaia herbs prides itself on the natural organic ingredients it puts in its extracts and products. Their herbs are grown on a two hundred and fifty acre farm. The farm is right next to the production plant and research facilities. Their mission is to provide fresh organic quality ingredients for their products. The farm and facilities are in North Carolina and they do not get their ingredients from anywhere else. Their motto is pure plant medicine from the highest quality ingredients.

The farm itself is in the south western section of the Blue Ridge region of North Carolina. This currently is their only farm. They are setting another one up in Costa Rica to farm the tropical and subtropical herbs that they offer. All of the growing process, refining process, and bottling process is certified organic. This facility has all of the production, growing, and bottling together.

The growing area although separate from the refining area is located on the same property. They are harvested fresh and remain so until they are distilled and the extracts are made. There are a bunch of quality control procedures in place to insure that only the freshest organic ingredients go into their products. They use the FDA guidelines to make their products even though they are not evaluated by the FDA.

They have a research facility on the same property as their farm. Their dosages, alcohol content and ingredients are all thoroughly researched. They provide liquid extracts with alcohol, liquid extracts without alcohol, and capsules.

Gaia produces individual herb extracts and combinations. They have sixty four single herb extracts. Their combinations are made to help with specific conditions. They have combos to treat things like bronchial problems and depression. They also have ones that are designed to help with depression, respiratory illness and sexual dysfunction.

They also have products that come in kits. They have kits for things like weightloss, antibacterial, and anti fungal. These kits are designed to promote total health for those who believe in total body treatment. They also have all the information you need to research each of the herbs on your own. They have a link to the herb med pro database as well as a glossary of herbs and other educational materials.

You can get Gaia Herb products in many health food retailers around the country, you can also find them on the web. On the web they are featured in companies like iherb and the center for natural healing. These are all well known herbal retailers.

The people at Gaia herbs develop new products for the public all of the time. Their research facility is constantly developing new formulas. Their research facilities are at the same standards as all their others and they believe in a pure carefully produced product.

gaia herb Polygonum and eucommia can help improve a persons adrenal response and can improve brain functioning. It is the most commonly used ingredient in Adam and Eve love spells. In Ayurvedic medicine, common garden variety oats but not oat straw, is used to treat opium withdrawal.