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A Good Brick Sealer Can Protect Your Bricks For Life

Bricks have been used as a building material for thousands of years. But they tend to breakdown over time. This was true until the invention of brick sealer was invented to rectify this situation and now bricks can remain intact with the use of sealer.

Bricks are rectangular in shape whose primary ingredient is clay. In ancient times the moulded clay was left out in the sun to bake. Now bricks are baked in a kiln. They may be made better but they are still prone to damage if you do not use a sealer on them because they are made of clay.

When you have brick in your home one of the biggest issues is the porosity of the product. Water can damage brick. Just light rain alone over time can help it deteriorate. The same is true with climates that are humid. This is also true with climates that have a lot of moisture in the air. However, sealing the material will seal the clay of the product and keep it intact.

In order to protect your bricks, you need to invest in a high quality brick sealer. Most are very effective and environmentally friendly. These products are water based. Water based sealers dry quickly avoiding the need to wait. Many of these water based sealers also use silicone based chemicals. Silicone has proven its effectiveness in aquarium applications for its exceptional resistance to water.

The sealer is very easy to apply. Most people can do it themselves. After cleaning the surface to be sealed, simply spray the product on. The small amount of time it takes to apply it will save much time, expense and hard work later when the bricks need replacement. Sometimes it is difficult to match certain bricks so you may want to have a couple extra bricks on hand just in case.

Many people use brick work to enhance the aesthetic appeal to their house. Sealers are very good for this application too. Not only will the sealer repel water to keep the structure of the brick intact but it will also keep the brick from fading in color.

This is the best way to protect your investment. To keep your brick work in top shape and looking its best for years to come, make sure to seal it with a high quality sealer. Pick up the materials for a home improvement job at your local store and you can find tutorials online by searching for them. Have fun and seal in your nice looking brick with brick sealer.

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The best Thing To Know About Brick waterproofing

The construction is not complete without the proper protection of the structure as the weather can have various negative impacts on the structure. This is a result of not having enough waterproofing when the structure was being built. Brick waterproofing can protect the structure by forming a protective seal which will prevent any moisture from getting inside the structure.

There are several materials that can be used for a sealant and the one thing you will find in many of the sealants is siloxane. The siloxane helps to protect from moisture by chemically bonding with the structure and not allowing any water to pass through. This is very popular and is used quite often by people who may need a sealant that really works.

This kind of brick Water proofing sealant is quite clear so this way it will not alter the look from the building. This type of sealant will not remain near the surface but instead the sealant will penetrate into the material. Each four to seven years you will then need to reapply it again and for the newer buildings every five years.

One benefit from the use of this sealant is that it shall not let any vapors escape and it will not let any moisture get through to the materials. Knowing that most building materials have possible moisture absorption means that a brick water proofer is needed.

Over a long period of time you will begin to see some white stains on parts of the body in the building. This can and most times happen because of the salt content in the material that was used for the structure.

Another thing that the sealant that is used for the bricks is that it can help to avoid the presents of efflorescence. Efflorescence is the white colored stain or patches that over time is seen on bricks as they age. The cause is from salt that builds up inside the bricks. The salt builds up while in the bricks and begins to dissolve as the water begins to evaporate, leaving the salt to be more visible on top of the surface. However, when you brick waterproof you shall be able to eliminate this from happening.

Now although brick waterproofing products shall last for many years still you will need to have it repaired a few more times throughout the life for the building. So always remember that when this happens then it is time to reseal.

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