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Selecting A Concrete Contractor For Your Project

When selecting the right concrete contractor, make time to do some research. This will help to make sure that you get value for money. Look on the internet to create a list of possible choices. Educate yourself on the business and have some questions ready to ask.

Ask these questions, they are some of the most important:

1. Have you been in the concrete business for many years? How many?

5 years would be the minimum amount of experience expected to show that they are reliable and have stability in the concrete business. Having a concrete contractor who may not finish the job or does terrible work is the last thing that you want. Helpful advice is something that comes with experience also.

2. What insurances do you have?

To safeguard yourself and your property from any potential liabilities from an accident on your work site, choose a concrete contractor who was adequate insurance. These three insurances should be help by any professional decorative concrete contractor. General Liability insurance, Workers Compensation and auto mobile insurance. To verify the effective dates you can contact the insurance companies.

3. When was the last training class or seminar you’ve attended?

Ideally, you should choose a concrete contractor who attended seminars or classes recently. Products, techniques and methods change constantly. This indicates they are giving you the best options.

Get References

To get a good insight into the concrete contractors work ethic, get 3 clients references from the past year and contact them.

Get your quotes and review them

Do not make your choice on price alone when comparing your quotes. Concrete Contractors with low rates can sometimes be using poor quality materials and take short cuts in their work. You have the right to know exactly what you are paying for so ask the contractor about any of the items on the quote you are not sure of. Time frame can be a very important factor so try to get a concrete contractor who will finish the job quickly without sacrificing on quality. It is understandable that a contractor who finishes that job a lot faster may charge a bit more.

Have a look at Previous Jobs

Do an ocular visit on one of their previous work sites. The great thing about this industry is contractors can’t really hide the quality of their work because it’s right there for everyone to see. Just by looking at a site with a similar work to what you want, you can have a good idea about the contractor’s workmanship.

Go Over The Contract

A professional concrete contractor should provide you with a written contract. To lessen any chance of conflict during the project you should have all the details of the work down in writing. Sign it only once you have checked the conditions and items carefully and you are comfortable with them.

Go with Your Instinct

Sometimes you still may not be able to decide. Even after all your due diligence. It might have to come down to your gut feeling. If it comes to this, a concrete contractor who is friendly and professionally represents themselves would definitely be someone you should select.

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