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A Handy Guide For Buying A Garden Shed

Always buy a garden storage shed large enough so that it will reduce your household and garage bits and pieces thus freeing up space and providing storage of garden equipment, below I help you decide which style, type and size is right for you and what the terms mean.

Below I will attempt to offer a guide to which type and style of wooden shed or garden bulding you will need.

Apex Sheds

An apex garden shed is by far the most popular and sort after wooden shed on the market today.

The pitched roof will allow or some storage to take place in the roof.

The access to an Apex shed is usually through a single door situated in the gable end or if the building has a high eaves it can be in the side, double doors are very often available as an optional extra.

Any windows that are required are usually in the side or back panels of the shed.

Mineral roofing felt is used to cover the roof and make it waterproof.

T&G boards are used for the floors and roofs in the better quality sheds and chipboard r other composite boards are used in most ‘economy’ sheds.

Suppliers of quality garden sheds usually offer a range of wooden sheds only sourced from highly respected quality British manufacturers.

A good supplier will cater for all budgets and include something for everyone who is looking for a quality wooden garden shed.

Most quality wooden garden sheds are made in the traditional way, which has been tried and tested for over 100 years.

Sheds With A Pent Roof

A Pent Garden Shed usually has a roof that slopes from front to back, although this does not have to be the case, where rear drainage is a problem you can have a Pent or flat roof wooden shed with the roof sloping to the front.

The access door is most likely to be found in the long front section, although it can be positioned in either end of Pent Sheds if this is more convenient.

Solar Potting Sheds

Potting Sheds can be very useful where space is limited and you do not have enough room for a greenhouse and a garden shed.

Wooden Potting sheds are used for potting plants and sowing seeds, you can use them to a limited degree to grow plants ready to planted out in your garden, if you do grow plants in them you will have to be prepared to turn the plants every day, allowing each one to receive equal amounts of light and air all around the plant.

If you do have enough room for a greenhouse, this should be the preferred option.

Security Shed

The Security Shed was developed to cater for those of you who require a more secure building to store your more valuable items such as mowers, motor cycles and the like.

The framing of a Security Shed is double that of a standard wooden garden shed, they also have a secure locking system and the hinges are bolted with coach bolts so they cannot be removed by unscrewing.

Windows are of the ‘Slit’ type making it virtually impossible for anyone to break into the shed through the window.

If you intend keeping anything of value in your proposed garden shed then you would be well advised to consider a Security Shed.

Timber Workshops.

When you require a larger garden building to use as a workshop you need something that has enough height and light for comfortable working and storage.

Most suppliers offer a much larger selection of sizes than would be practical to display on one website, so if you have a special size why not get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Sectional garden buildings can be enlarged by adding other sections to make them either wider or longer.

Workshops vary in size from 6’wide x 8’long up to 12’wide x 20’long or even longer.

This article should help you decide which garden shed to buy for your garden.

Learn more about Garden Sheds. Stop by Harry Woodhouse’s site where you can find out all about Wooden Garden Sheds and what they can do for you.

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