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About The Pest Control Repeller

We know that the pest control that can affect a home or surrounding area and the problem is the presence of pests. These pests can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and other varieties.

For example a home may have an infestation of ants, the presence of rodents, spiders, etc.

In addition, a vegetable garden or flower garden may have other pests that cause destruction. Examples of these types of pests could include moles, rabbits, squirrels, etc.

To deter these pests there are many products on the market. One of those products is an ultrasonic pest control repeller. If considering this device it is important to know what is a utltrasonic pest control repeller what features to consider before purchasing this device.

What Is An Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller

An ultrasonic pest control repeller is a device that markets itself as an electronic solution to repel common pests that are found in households. These common pests can include mice and rats or other common pest control issues.

Specifically this ultrasonic pest control repeller generates sound waves that are ultrasonic in nature. Generally, these sound waves are in the 45,000 Hz range. Theoretically, the high-frequency sound waves, which cannot be heard by human ears, emits this high pitched sound which makes these types of pests feel uncomfortable. Ultimately, due to this distressing sound, the mice or other rodents are repelled from the transmitting area.

In addition, these devices are plugged into any ordinary electrical outlet located within the home or other structure. In addition, because of the high level frequency that is used, the high emitted sound waves do not cause distress to normal household pets such as dogs, cats, etc.


When considering the purchase of an ultrasonic pest control repeller it is important to take into considerations a number of features. Those features can include the service area that the high frequency covers and where the device can be used.

Specifically, when investigating and doing one’s homework prior to purchase it is important to find out what the effective transmitting range of the device is. For example, many of the ultrasonic pest control repellers transmit up to a range of 2,000 square feet. Therefore, if the area of concern is larger than this recommended area, then the customer may need to purchase more than one repeller to cover the entire area needed.

Another feature that the customer may wish to research in regards to purchasing this product is the electrical consumption required to operate the product.

Additionally, some of the best ultrasonic pest control devices have a feature that allows for the frequency and pulse sequences to automatically adjust. This particular feature can be more effective over a ultrasonic pest control repeller that only emits one single sound.

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