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Landscaping Tips for a Small Garden

If you have a tiny garden and you’re still keen on making it enticing and appealing, you can adopt alternative ways to still come up with landscaping ideas that are applicable for your garden’s size. Landscaping can be done both for massive and small areas. You just need to consider the different factors to make your garden stand out regardless of the area.


With a small garden, it will be best to use colours sparingly. Having 2 to 3 colors will be acceptable but you can utilize color graduation as a way to create an illusion of space. You can set up dark colored flowers of the same color on one side and the light colored ones on another side with the results of fading from dark to light or vice-versa. Note though that the garden will appear bigger with the dark-colored area. Therefore, this is the spot for you to spend longer with.

Lines and Curves

An illusion of length can be created when your plants are lined up. However , sophisticated curves can also create an identical effect particularly in borders and terraces. You have to organize your plants to focus on the sizes with the smaller ones in one row and the bigger ones in another row. The selection of plants can also create a larger space effect.


Organizing your plants in different sections will help in creating depth. Smaller sections will achieve this. However , be acutely aware of overcrowding as this can sacrifice the final organization and appearance of your garden. Be conscious of the amount of your plants to its surroundings. Although smaller plants can make your garden larger, you have got to note this can also make an effect of a Lego type of garden where different pieces were just placed to make it big. To present depth in your garden, use pots of different sizes and heights.

If you suspect that your tiny garden doesn’t have the right to have a tree or a massive plant, it is not correct. Bigger gardens might have the luxury of having many of these but your small garden can have one at the center for attention and bigness effect. You have to check that your flowers and plants are not blocked out by this center or corner piece.

Ultimately, you can place on big mirror in your garden to make the semblance of broader space. You can check on the best spot for the mirror where the more colorful flowers and plants are reflected. The mirror will have a twin effect of highlighting the best parts of your garden and at the same time, making it look massive.

These are simple, practical and easy-to-do tips you can apply to make your small garden look fascinating and huge. You can start one step at a time and see how it’s possible for you to create an impact not only on the illusion it’s gigantic but the landscape design that may catch anyone’s attention.

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How to Do Landscaping for the Backyard

Landscaping your backyard can be very simple of challenging depending on your level of creativity or dexterity. The character of the work applies many design elements common to any design work. The fulfilment is different but the elements to be considered are the same. If you’re inquisitive about improving how your backyard looks, you should be ready to exercise some creativeness and analyze the coordination of some design elements to make your backyard more enticing, arranged and appealing.

Step #1 : Evaluate your backyard.

You have got to look at your yard and assess everything that you see – from the space to the types of plants and accessories that are currently found there to the way the leaves grow and are formed to the height of all the plants, trees or shrubs, whichever kind of plants are displayed. Assessment is more of checking if these objects coordinate with each other in particulars of size, texture, style, theme and shape.

Step #2 : Sort things out and remove needless elements that do not contribute to the appeal of your landscape.

You’ve got to throw what wishes to go. The old pots with broken corners and the accessories that aren’t acceptable to your theme should not be placed in your yard. You can maximize their use but ensure that are not an eye sore to your backyard. Use your creativity to add accent or color to your accessories.

Step #3 : Trim the grass or plant them.

When your backyard appears to be bare and lack the green grasses that highlight the main plants, you have to put Bermuda or similar kinds of grass to make it better looking. On the other hand, if the grasses are tall and they cover your main plants, trim or uproot those that have an effect on the other plants.

Step #4 : Arrange the rocks and plants with a theme in mind.

Decide on a particular theme for your landscape. Do you need a normal water theme with fountain in a corner, giving your garden a relaxing and relaxing feeling? Do you prefer a colourful garden with different kinds of orchids in one area and a typical type of plants with colorful flowers on the other area? You have got to decide on the topic of your landscape. Emphasise on the strengths of your collection and highlight them.

Step #5 : Go to your local garden store for the right plants and accessories.

If you believe you need more plants for your yard, you can find good choices in your garden store. You can see which can go together. You have to make sure that you are getting low upkeep plants and not those that are fragile and need too much attention for them to grow well. With regard to accessories, take advantage of the beauty that rocks can give to your yard. Get the colorful and colourful rocks that may highlight the best part of your design.

Landscaping can be an enjoying activity particularly when you already start to see the improvements. It may be taxing at first but the fulfillment level is high when you see the once gloomy and disorganised yard starts to look engaging and relaxing.

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