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Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture – Buying and Maintenance Tips

Now that you’ve invested in patio furniture, you’ll want to ensure that it will provide lasting enjoyment. Luckily, wicker patio furniture sets can be well maintained for years with only a few simple steps.

Wicker furniture has special needs not shared with other types of outdoor furniture. Neglecting your wicker furniture and not providing the proper care will cause the furniture to dry out and crack or warp. You can prevent these problems and ensure the long-lasting beauty of your wicker year after year by following these five simple tips:

Choose High Quality Wicker Furniture: Selecting high quality furniture at the very beginning is really the single most important element in ensuring you will have lasting outdoor furniture. High quality wicker pieces will have an aluminum frame and a very tightly woven weave that doesn’t allow the frame to show through.

Eliminate Dirt and Grime: Wipe down your patio furniture periodically with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not get the wicker too wet as soggy wicker can warp and stretch. To clean your furniture more thoroughly, at the end of the season, you can usually use a hose safely unless the furniture is painted or antique and could be damaged by the strong water pressure.

Prevent Dryness and Warping: Wicker patio furniture sets should be placed in a shady area. Direct sunlight will dry out natural wicker fibers and cause them to become brittle. Also, keep furniture covered and out of the rain. If your patio pieces should get wet, make sure no one sits on them until they are completely dry. Wet wicker can become permanently warped and irreparable.

Restore Loss Moisture: You should, at least annually, apply oil to your patio furniture to help it regain moisture. Use boiled linseed oil and apply it liberally to the wicker. Then wipe off the excess with clean dry paper towels. When you are done, your wicker furniture should look shiny. If not, keep applying the oil until the wicker is saturated. As a note of warning, linseed oil is flammable so you should be careful getting rid of the used paper towel. Let your wicker furniture dry for at least 24 hours before you use it again.

Protect Your Furniture in the Off-Season: When the cold weather hits, it is time to move your wicker furniture indoors to a dry, protected location. If you do not have room to store the furniture during the winter, purchase a high quality cover for your furniture. Wicker patio furniture sets are susceptible to damage if left outside for extended periods during inclement weather.

With proper care, wicker furniture can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for any patio. There is a huge selection of wicker styles and colors to choose from to complement any dcor. You can also choose between traditional and more contemporary styled pieces. By choosing the best pieces for your outdoor space and caring for them properly, you will have beautiful patio furniture for years of outdoor fun and entertainment.

Caring for your wicker garden furniture doesn’t need to be a high maintenance chore. It only takes a few simple steps to keep your patio area looking like new. Visit outdoor wicker patio furniture to get all the info you need to select and maintain your patio accessories. And discover the latest styles and hottest trends.