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Introduction To Hydroponics

Hydroponics refers to the growing of plants without the use of soil using solutions containing minerals and nutrients. It comes from the Greek words hydro which means water and ponos which means labor. This method offers several advantages over traditional methods of gardening. One of these advantages is that the growing rate is faster than in traditional gardening. Besides this, the rate of the yield is much greater than with a traditional garden. In regards to growing marijuana with hydroponics, this is a very popular and increasingly common method for growing high quality, potent and stable marijuana plants.

The reason for this increased rate is because the plants are fed the nutrition that they need directly instead of having to get the nutrients they need from the soil that they are planted in. Given the fact that the water is rich in nutrients the roots on the plant do not need to be as large as they would need to be if they were growing in soil. Plants that are grown using hydroponics do not need to use as much energy to grow effectively. This saving of energy allows the plant to use more energy in the upper part of the plant. When talking about marijuana this means the plant can create a larger growth cycle and a better bud than a plant that is grown in soil due to the loss of energy that is experienced when the marijuana plant “Terra” grown.

There are advantages for the environment that make hydroponics a wise choice in the growing of plants such as marijuana. One of the main advantages is the fact that hydroponics uses a lot less water than growing in soil does. You are also not worrying about the erosion of topsoil since hydroponics does not use any soil in the process of growing the marijuana plants.

You may ask yourself how these plants get the nutrients that they need to grow stronger than plants that are in topsoil. These nutrients come as either water-soluble powder mixes or in a liquid form that allows them to go straight to the root system of the plant. This form of nutrients allow for a plant to grow quicker and stronger than plants grown by traditional methods. In the growing of marijuana specifically the most common method of getting nutrients to the plants is the use of NFT of Nutrient Film Technique. In the NTF method, the marijuana plants grow up through a light weight light-proof plastic film placed over a narrow, sloping channels about 3 inc//es deep. A continuous flow of nutrients is maintained through the channel via pumps. the roots systems of the marijuana plants grow into tightly packed mats.

Generally when you are talking about hydroponics systems for growing marijuana you need to make sure that you understand that there are two types of systems. The first is called an active system. The other is known as a passive system. In an active system, the nutrients are transported through a pump system. In a passive system, the nutrients are transported through a capillary system, or wick. With marijuana growing the most preferred method is the active system.

Many other advantages are able to be enjoyed when you use a hydroponics system to grow your marijuana plants. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that you are able to grow year round regardless of the weather. If you build a greenhouse then you are able to grow you plants no matter what the weather outside is. This means that you can expect to get a more consistent and reliable growth.

Hydroponics is an excellent way for you to grow your marijuana plants quicker, greener, stronger and with a higher quality bud. You can do this without the restrictions that you would experience with a traditional Terra based growth system. These systems are wonderful if you need to grow a plant in a quicker manner than with the traditional methods. This means more smoke in less time and with lass work. This is something that you will want to keep in mind for your future marijuana growing needs. This is a method that will help greatly in the growing of your plants.

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