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Choosing Your Crushed Rock For Garden Gravel

If your home and garden center does not carry a vast selection of garden gravel for your every need, you should go to a stone quarry or gravel pit that sells to the public. You will find a choice that will allow your imagination to run wild.

Use your imagination to design fabulous walkways and shapes around your gardens using the gravel. They come in all colors, from bright white marble, to reds and greens. You will find pink granite and gray granite with black flecks. There is also pea gravel and pebbles of every color. You should be able to come up with many ideas, based on the colors you see.

Pricing will vary as much as the color, so shop around. There is also volcanic rock you might choose. These come in red and black, and they can be shiny or not.

There are pebbles, which are smoother, that can also be used decoratively as is gravel. And some are used to smother weeds under a cloth or plastic covering. If the pebbles or gravel is placed on top of the plastic or weed cloth, the weeds die underneath, and your gravel area will stay weed free.

Gravel is also used in dry landscaping, and a lot in desert landscaping. Also, in Zen gardening, the gravel is raked into patterns to depict waves or rippling like water. They are truly works of art.

You can order a truckload of garden gravel from your local gravel pit or stone quarry, or just buy a few decorative bags. It will depend on the area you intend to cover. This area can be as huge as your entire front yard or splashes of color amongst the roses.

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Adding Beauty To Your Landscape With Garden Gravel

Garden gravel has always been a popular landscaping material. Its popularity is growing even more today.

It has many colors ranging from grey, black, white, and even red. Larger stones can be incorporated into the landscape similar to statues. If designed properly, it can add much beauty to a yard or pathway.

The benefits are many for including gravel in a garden. Maintenance is relatively easy. Usually raking or leveling the stone is about all that has to be done. It conserves water quite effectively, because it acts like a mulch. Its natural beauty can enhance the beauty of the plants. If you have an irregular shaped area, it makes a good cover. The cost of gravel is much lower when compared to keeping a lawn or paving.

Gravel can be purchased in an array of shapes and colors. It also has various types such as pea-gravel, true gravel which is crushed stone, and stone clippings. The type of gravel you decide to use will depend on your location. Since it is such a weighty material, most garden stores only get gravel that is more locally available.

Plants that will thrive in this garden are numerous. For easier maintenance, some recommend using varieties that do not easily shed. Contrasting a stone color with a plant color can also be attractive. A lot of consideration for your choice of plants is whether the area is sunny or shady. However, everything from flowers, plants, and even vegetables can thrive.

Something else to consider is how formal or informal you want the area to be. It may be easier to keep it simple, but that is entirely up to you. Decide on what will be your focal points, and just how much gravel you plan to use before you begin planting. Consider incorporating a stone pathway in the landscape as well.

Garden gravel is both an attractive and practical way to enhance any landscape. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination and creativity.

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