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Outdoor Lighting That is Safe And Economical

Outdoor lighting is mostly used for security. It lights up the area around your house at night to make it easier for you to spot unwanted intruders, animal or human. Besides the security angle, outdoor lighting can actually enhance the beauty of your house and the surrounding area, by accentuating the architecture of the house or the natural scenery around it. All this outdoor lighting is expensive, expensive to install and expensive to operate on a daily basis. Maintenance of the underground wiring is expensive because you have to use armored cabling to withstand the weather, to prevent water intrusion due to normal watering operations, rain and groundwater. Electrical short circuits can cause fires leading to property damage. People and animals may suffer burn injuries. Any break in the insulation of the cabling can give rise to a potentially dangerous situation where lethal electricity can critically injure and even kill a member of the family or a loved pet. You can avoid, both, the high expense and the potential danger by installing a modern low voltage lighting system.

Low voltage outdoor lighting system runs on 12 volts which is far below the voltage that can harm us. Hence your low voltage outdoor lighting system is absolutely safe.

The low voltage outdoor lighting system is powered through a step-down transformer which steps down the 120 volt mains supply to a safe 12 volt supply. Some outdoor lighting systems are designed to use DC electricity. In case of mains outage, as in a storm, such an outdoor lighting system can be operated off storage batteries, like the ones used in automobiles. So your house is protected even in such emergencies. Most of these modern outdoor lighting systems do not use the traditional incandescent lamps. Instead they use LED lighting which is exceptionally economical to run. The high output LEDs that are available today are more than a match for the incandescent and halogen tubes in terms of brightness. Needless to say you can use these lighting units wherever you used the traditional ones. So you have safety, you have economy and you don’t lose out on the brightness! Isn’t that great?

Because the low voltage outdoor lighting system uses low voltage it is very simple to install and does not need the services of an electrical contractor. Even official regulations for this type of installation are very easy to implement. But please do check the requirements in your locality.

But getting back to the cost effectiveness for a second, consider the fact that an LED lamp uses only about 25% of the electricity of a standard lamp. How much difference would that make on your utility bill every month. Figure out those saving annually and that’s quite a bit of extra money in your pocket. And it gets even better. LED laps will last at least ten times longer than a normal incandescent lamp or even fluorescent lamps. So you’ll save money there also. Plus you won’t have the hassle of having to frequently change the bulbs.

The current load for LEDs is so low that you can use light wiring for the low voltage outdoor lighting system. You can use overhead wiring without fear of it causing grievous bodily harm to people or animals. With light overhead wiring it is easy to rearrange the lighting whenever required. This allows you to highlight different parts of the house and grounds for a change. So you can highlight the gazebo one month, and the Spanish columns the next.

Changing your outdoor lighting system to a low voltage outdoor lighting system using LED lamps will be a power and money saving idea. You’ll be contributing to environmental conservation as well by reducing the demand on large power generating stations. The main benefit of a low voltage outdoor lighting system is that you are now completely free from the risk of electrocution accidents. You can watch your children play out there and not have the teeniest fear about them getting a fatal shock. What could be better than that?

Why not make the lighting outside of your house look as beautiful as the lighting indoors? Visit to discover how low voltage landscape lighting can safely light up your house’s exterior and learn how solar outdoor lighting can be a real cash saver.

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Choosing A Lawn Mower – Things To Consider

For many, the frustration happens every year. It’s time to mow the grass, but your old lawn mower won’t start, shuts down, or just makes it a miserable chore. So finally you decide it’s time to get a new one. But choosing a lawn mower is not as easy as it seems.

There are a lot of choices you’ll have to make, but start by looking at these three important factors. How big is your yard and what is the terrain like? What features do you want and do you really need them? What type of engine will your yard require?

Start by figuring out if a walk behind mower will do, or if you need a riding mower. A general rule of thumb would be if your yard is less than 0.75 acres, a walk behind will do just fine. These are the most popular mowers. If your yard is flat and small, there won’t be much need for extra features. However if your yard has lots of rough terrain and is over 0.5 acres, look seriously at a self propelled mower. These mowers essentially do much of the work for you. They more forward on their own. You simply stand behind the mower and guide it on it’s path.

Next you should consider the size of the mower deck and the power of the engine. A wide mower deck means you’ll cut more grass with every pass, and that means fewer trips across and back. If you add on an engine with a little extra torque, then the job is fast and simple. Here’s the key. Match the mower with the yard. If you don’t need a wider deck and more power, don’t pay for it. It would simply be wasting money.

You also need to look at the size of the rear wheels. In most cases, standard wheels are fine. But if you have a rough yard with lots of hills, large rear wheels will make the job easier.

If your yard is over 3/4 of an acre you’ll want to think seriously about a riding mower. Once again the deck size and engine power will need to be considered and the same rules apply. A large engine and wide deck makes sense if you need to mow several acres. But don’t waste money by getting more than you need.

If you have lots of trees, shrubs and other landscape features, then consider a zero turn radius mower. With these you can basically cut in a circle without moving or leaving a space in the middle. They’re ideal for going around trees. But if you don’t have much landscaping, then save your money or use it on features you will need.

The final big decision you need to make, and this applies to both riding and walk behind mowers, is if you want the mower to mulch. These mowers have special blades that will chop your grass clipping into small particles before returning them to the soil. The clipping decompose and act as a natural fertilizer. If you don’t get a mulching mower, then you’ll need to catch the clipping in a bag to throw them out. Or even worse, rake them up, bag them, then dispose of them.

Choosing a lawn mower becomes much easier when you answer the basic questions first. Sure there will be other decisions and options. Electric mowers, solar mowers and even robotic mowers are available. But in almost every case it’s a good idea to know and understand what you need before you begin your search. sells riding, walk behind, electric and a robotic lawn mower for sale at super low prices. Many brands and models are available including the zero turn lawn mower.

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