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The Characteristics And Features Of Custom Decks And Patios

If you add a deck and patio to your house it can transform the outdoor areas of your house into a spot for entertainment. Building custom decks and patios is quite easy as it can be easily integrated around trees or can even surround a swimming pool.

Before constructing, careful planning should be taken to adjust the trees that may be in the area, because trees makes the surroundings look more pleasant and also provides shade. However, in case the surroundings are barren, then the top of deck should be covered appropriately.

In such cases the posts of the deck should be set up at the full height of the pergola or the awning roof as the posts holding up the deck will also hold up the pergola roof. The span tables below should also be checked to make sure that the posts are strong enough to hold both the pergola roof and the deck.

The timber chosen for the decks and the patios should be of dependable quality and preferably be Class 1 hardwood timber, which is very durable and better, but is very costly. But if you want something durable, but cheaper, then we can choose the H4 treated pine timbers also. Before building the deck, we should place hot dipped galvanized strips in the ground and then place the timbers directly over it for supporting the deck.

Oil or water based decking sealer to coat the timber for durability should also be applied. If pine timber is used, it should be treated properly and then painted with the chosen color. But it is seen that the natural color of the hardwood timbers look more appealing and better.

Before building our custom decks and patios, you should first of all chalk out a plan and decide for what purpose it will be used. Some people would like to place a hot tub in the corner of the patio, but most do not have any idea on its use.

But whatever may be the case you have to determine your plans and preferably use the services of a professional to guide you in designing and building our custom patios and decks. This will ensure a better finishing and give a more polished look.

Another important factor to decide is the patio covering. The pergola is the most fashionable choice for patio covers today. As the patio is just like a room, it should also have floors, ceilings and walls, as in the case of all the rooms.

Care should be taken to make the frames of the pergola strong so that it can effectively withstand sudden storms, strong winds and heavy rains. It is also advisable that the frames are easily adjustable and can be adapted to any changes in future if we decide to remodel the decks and patios.

As a whole you should ascertain that the frame of the custom decks and patios are constructed out of the proper and suitable materials, so that it is not damaged easily and thus continue to be our source of enjoyment and pleasure for years to come

Adding a deck or a patio to your home can really make it beautiful. This is why so many individuals are starting to turn to Denver Patios and Denver Deck Builders. They offer high quality, service to all of their customers.

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