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Designs Of Japanese Garden Landscaping

Japanese design ideas consist of three parts. These design ideas are tea gardens, hill and pond gardens and flat gardens. These are the three basic designs that dominate the Japanese garden landscaping scene. Among these three basic Japanese garden landscaping concepts, there is a common theme and this is nature. The Japanese prefer to be as natural as possible when it comes to their gardens and this means that they prefer to stick to designs and concepts that may happen on nature. Unnatural modern designs do not catch on when doing the Japanese garden landscaping.

Tea Gardens

This Japanese garden landscaping design is usually used for traditional Japanese tea houses, residential homes and some restaurants. The Japanese tea garden helps to create a relaxing atmosphere which many tea houses wish to create. Tea houses are mean to foster friendship, relaxation and appreciation for beauty. The Japanese term for a Japanese garden landscaping design leaning towards the Japanese tea garden is Rojiniwa. The Japanese tea ceremony is commonly done in many Japanese homes and establishments that it encourages some establishments and homes to put up their own Japanese tea gardens even if it were a small one.

Water garden landscaping can also be used in this form of Japanese garden design. There are many different water structures that are made from natural materials to complete the Japanese tea garden design. Remember, the Japanese prefer to have natural elements and structures in their gardens, which means that whatever water structure may be used needs to be base don natural elements found in nature.

Hill And Pond Gardens

The Japanese garden landscaping theme of hill and pond can be translated in several ways. This design concept is borrowed from the Chinese and has been since integrated into the Japanese garden landscaping designs. This design concept makes use of a true pond or a representation of it as well as a small hill or mound or another representation. Most of these hill and pond gardens in Japan are also referred to as stroll gardens as many people like to take strolls in them. The Japanese term for such a garden is Chisen Kaiyu Skiki. Gardens like these can also be made with sand and rocks, very similar to the next basic design concept for a Japanese garden, where the sand or gravel represents water and the rocks represent a hill or a mountain. There are plants integrated into the hill and pond garden. Both the tea garden and the hill and pond garden widely uses plants to ping life to their garden. These plants are also used to represent the plants found in the mountains.

Flat Garden

The flat garden is also known as a Zen garden or in Japanese, Hiraniwa. In almost all cases of a flat garden, it is done as a rock garden. The concept behind such a Japanese garden landscaping designs is that the rocks, sand and gravel are representations of other natural things. Most garden sof this nature do not use plants but there are some that do.

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