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Silence Noisy Servers With Soundproof Server Cabinets & Enclosures

Most of us have become completely dependent on computers in our workplace. We are surrounded by computers, screens and servers most of our working day. Modern computers are certainly much faster than their predecessors. They are also smaller and unfortunately very often noisier. The noise can become extremely irritating and eventually negatively influence productivity, especially for people working in an environment where there are a number of servers humming and clicking away all day. A possible solution is a separate server room, but a much cheaper option is to make use of Soundproof Server Cabinets & Enclosures.

It has been proven scientifically that workers who are continuously exposed to excessive noise become stressed and less productive. This has led European law makers to step in and issue directives for noise reduction in the work situation. These rules are highly technical, but the underlying principle is that if two workers less than two meters apart have to raise their voice to converse normally, then noise levels are too high and the employer has to address it.

In a perfect world we would simply replace noisy equipment with ones emitting less noise. When it comes to computers and server rooms this is unfortunately not always possible

Luckily that inventive solutions does exist. Soundproof server cabinets place the server in an air-conditioned, insulated enclosure. It does not completely get rid of all server noise, but it does bring it down to a level that shouldn’t be heard above the usual office background noise.

It should be quite clear that this solution is a huge cost saver compared to setting up a completely separate server room. You’ll be able to utilize available space much better and, because these cabinets are quite mobile, they offer a more flexible solution than a server room ever could.

The fact that the servers will be in an air-conditioned enclosure largely eliminates the problem of overheating and it also means that the room in which they are located does not necessarily have to be air-conditioned.

Soundproof Server Cabinets & Enclosures offer a 21st century solution to a 21st century problem. It’s cost effect and practical. And it will leave you with more motivated and productive office staff and servers that last longer because they’re not overheating.

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