Flutter by Butterfly in an Enchanting Garden

The Sentosa Butterfly Park is located at the Mount Imbiah area of Sentosa. This is quite near to the cable car station as well as the bus station. This garden is a host to as many as 1500 colorful butterflies belonging to more than 50 diverse species. While sauntering through this unruffled orangery, you explore the world of nature’s most beautiful and rare insects of the Insect Kingdom. This conservatory has been built for those magnificent small creatures that were getting extinct due to the massive urban expansion.

The Insect Revolution display in the garden will enlighten you on the evolution of these insects right from the time when they started appearing on Earth. The signature feature of the Insect garden is the presence of sets of insect fossils. These fossils have been dated millions of years ago.

The butterfly park has a cave that stretches to an area of seventy meters. This is first of its kind in the world and is a home to a large number of insects living in their biological environment. As you walk through the cave you can just stand and glance at the creation of life while watching the Live Pupae house. Or don’t get scared when you encounter a huge, 160 mm, Dynates Hercules beetle. If you happen to wear colorful clothes while strolling in the garden, be prepared to be followed by butterflies who will mistake you for a flower. Apart from these there is a plethora of other kind of insects like spiders, scorpions, beetles and bugs – all being unique. Fireflies will welcome you as you visit the dark interiors of the cave. These insects give a bright spark from within the body, which will illuminate your pathway.

The stage shows related to the insects should not be missed. Over here you will come to know the ways of managing the giant scorpions along with other insects. If you are the watchful kind, then try to spot the stick insects that are camouflaged in a way that even the most alert will get tricked, in the Stick Insect Safari.

The Butterfly Garden is filled with a menagerie of tiny and colorful insects. A walk through it will delight the children and the grown-ups alike.

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