How Small Garden Designs Can Help You Feel Better About Your Home

Gardens are lovely and good for the soul. They can become our private sanctuaries away from the day to day grind and stresses in the world or they can simply be a place to have a grand time. Some people simply enjoying sitting in their garden while others love to plant seeds and watch flowers and bushes grow. No matter what your garden is used for, chances are you love having one and appreciate what it offers you. A great looking garden that is designed well is a wonderful investment because it adds value to your property and makes it much more desirable on the open market if you were to sell.


Often times it is very difficult to design your garden because it is hard to find good ideas. You may very well know of some small garden designs that you like but you may find it a challenge to know where to begin. You do not have to make drastic changes to your garden in order to improve it, as small changes and innovative use of focal points can make all the difference in the world. One thing that may interest you is to have a fountain installed. Fountains can make the perfect focal point in the middle of a rock or flower garden and they also provide birds with a natural bathing and drinking source. A fountain can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. For the small garden, building a small environment in one corner that consists of a sloping hill made of stone with a fountain toward the top, can provide a lovely little oasis of your very own.


Small garden designs can also be things as simple as planting your flowers in rows, according to colour and type. Once grown, you will have created a very dramatic effect of contrasting colours. Use your creativity and plant the flowers following the contours of your flower bed for a more integrated look. Be sure to plant flowers that have similar lifespans so that all of the flowers last equally as long. You could add a few portable solar powered lamps that sit on spikes. You need to only push the lamps into the ground. In the evenings the warm glowing lights illuminating the flowers and plants will offer a very welcoming and serene feeling.


One of the most popular types of small garden designs involves putting  a small wooden corner deck into one of the corners of your garden. You can choose one with a railing or without and by adding a table and a couple of chairs, you have created a nice place to enjoy your morning coffee. Corner decks can be purchased as kits and it takes just an hour or two to complete the job yourself. If you have a nicely designed garden, you will feel good about your entire home, as the garden is a nature-inspired living space located just outside your door.

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