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Garden Accents Make Welcome Gifts

Garden Accents are Welcome Gifts

A garden is a luxury for some and a necessity for others. The peace and tranquility enjoyed when sitting in your garden can make all the stress of the day just fade away. The garden is a beautiful array of flowers. Dress up your space a little more with garden accents which can be an added bonus when spending time in one of the most peaceful places you will find.

Smiling Faces – Garden Accents

The Ornery Onion Plaque

If you want to add a little bit of fun to your garden, then you definitely need the ornery onion plaque. This is a smiling onion face which will instantly cheer you up every time you see the face smiling down on you. The carved plaque is also great for a table or mantel.

The Pickled Asparagus Plaque

Add a little more fun to your garden and put the pickled asparagus plaque where it is visible as soon as you enter. The weather-resistant designs are great fun and cheerful accents for your garden. They can make you smile at the end of a long hard day. Just do not let people hear you say, you have got to get home and visit with your pickled asparagus.

Holiday Garden Accents – Happy Santa Snowflake

The Christmas season is one of the most special times of the year. Add this feeling to your garden as well by placing a few of the Happy Santa Snowflakes in the area in which you like to spend time. This will make the garden even more enjoyable as it is pulled into the spirit of the season as well.

Garden Stones – Wings of Peace Stone

This is a stone that will most certainly be a pleasure to have in your garden. The wings of peace will be a welcome respite from all the chaos and stress of dealing with work, finance, and the million little things that require your attention on a daily basis.

First Shooting Star Stone

This is an excellent stone for your garden. The shooting star stone with the momma bear and babies watching the sky will be a welcome addition to your garden and it is sure to bring comments from everyone who shares your garden.

Garden Statues – Peek-A-Boo Pixie

The peek-a-boo pixie is a great statue for your garden. With a smile on her face, you will look at this little statue every time you enter your garden. This weatherproof pixie will be a delight to have enhancing your garden and you will enjoy her for many years.

Garden Plaques – Cherish Life and Family Plaque

The angel on this plaque seems to flying along spreading good cheer for everyone who enters your garden. The ‘Cherish Life and Family’ message is one that would be well heeded and the angel seems to be telling you this is one of the most important things in life. Added to the sanctity of your garden this is certainly a message for contemplating when sitting in your garden.

Leaf Fairies Plaque

The leaf is the fairy’s resting place for admission to your garden. One of the cutest garden accents you will find for displaying in your special area, this plaque is a favorite of adults and children. The fairies are so wonderfully detailed you might expect to see one climb down from the leaf upon which it is sitting.

Birdfeeders and Birdbaths – Dragonfly Diner Birdfeeder

What a wonderful way to feed all your feathered friends. This is a truly wonderful accent piece to add to the detail of your garden and since it seems to fit right in with the garden the birds will be flocking there in no time for the treats you put in this birdfeeder.

Engraved Lawn Plaques – Floral Pet Memorial

Do you have a favorite pet for which your garden was the perfect final resting place? If so, memorialize this pet that you cherished with a pet memorial stone as a reminder of his burial place. The plaque will last forever and the weather will not bother it at all.

Illuminated Garden Products – Peace Tree Carved Rock

This illuminated rock is what you need for a special place in your garden, such as close to where you sit. This is a great piece for decorating your garden and the message it sends is one of peace to all. This would also be an excellent Christmas item.

If you have a garden you need to see what is available to add to it to make your special place one of the most interesting places to sit and contemplate, reminisce, and enjoy the tranquility of the day as it comes to a close. It is a wonderful place to relax or entertain friends and family.

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