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Disadvantages Of Using Microwave Oven

Microwave oven is revolutionary device that minimizes the effort, time and energy when cooking the food. You just have to gather all the ingredients, mix them up together and rest of the cooking work is done by the microwave oven. Besides all these benefits, it has some threats associated with it as well if not used properly.

The most adverse effect of a microwave oven is that it superheats the liquids. The actual problem occurs when this superheated liquid is perturbed. Superheated liquid along with the disturbance are sufficient to trigger troubles. On any disturbance, the superheated liquid can burst off with force. Due to this superheating phenomenon, people recommend not to heat the infant milk using microwave. The bottle from outside looks fine and gives a false impression about the actual temperature of the milk inside the bottle. Moreover, some people believe that microwave treated milk loses its goodness.

Top of the threats list is the ‘superheating of liquids’. This observable fact occurs when the liquids are heated past their boiling point. When this superheated liquid is stirred or perturbed then it can burst the utensils in which it is stored with a force. Also, some people do not recommend warming the milk for infants in microwave because it is impossible to obtain the correct warmth of milk from outside the bottle. Moreover, they believe that the microwaves considerably change the integrity of the milk.

Another concern is regarding bacteria and germs. People believe that if microwave can heat up food in very short span of time then it cannot kill all of the bacteria and germs. Eating such harmful food can cause some serious ailments.

People also claim that eating micro-waved food for long span of time can cause anemia. They also believe that micro-waved food is toxic and can initiate a series of diseases. Also, using metal or aluminum foil during cooking can cause sparks and explosions.

People believe that radiation emitting from the microwave oven can also prove fatal. Most of the people believe that such radiations can cause infertility, hormonal imbalance, sleep disturbance etc.

Many people have concerns about the ability of a microwave to provide healthy food which is not properly cleaned in food service institutions. This type of food can provide only ailments and nothing else. They think that regular use of microwave-heated food can cause anemia.

Now, it is totally up to you whether or not you want to use microwave oven.

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